Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hello out there!

I am certainly rested this morning, I have been taking benydryl because I have poison ivy all over my legs! No I have not been working in the yard, no I have not touched poison ivy anywhere! I think the wind must have blown it on me. It is definatly annoying! I keep taking this benydryl and I keep getting so sleepy, but at least I dont itch while I sleep!
Amy spent the night with us again Wednesday! She was a pleasant guest. Her mother is progressing in the ALS, she can-not bear any weight on her legs anymore and you cant understand her talking at all. She is being tube fed, because she chokes on any food that she tries to eat. It really is sad, but considering she got diagnosed at 71 is a good thing, at least she didnt get it in her prime.
Jason's( Veronica's new husband) daddy is dead, he had a stroke. or an anurism Thursday night and he is dead today , he was only 57 years old. I feel so sorry for Jason and his 2 brothers and 1 sister, They are all very young, Jasons mother died when Jason was 16 in a car wreck, and they are not close to any aunt's or uncles. So these 4 kids (under 30) are trying to figure out what to do cause daddy didnt think he was gonna die so early and didnt feel the need for a will. Sure makes you think, not that I have anything to need a will for but non the less it makes you think. Also the fact that we are not guaranteed 1 second. We could drop dead at any moment. Wow , we certainly need to make our call and election sure... I definatly want to spend eternity with our Lord and Saviour.
But back to the will thing... I guess I should write down what I want to leave to who, cause I do have a few little things. Like my daddys dishes they are one of my most cherished items,who deserves them??? I will find out, and really who might want them. I hope my parents have all this stuff sorted out.I'm pretty sure they do.
I hear Noah stirring in the other room, must be breakfast time!
Ya'll have a great day!

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Carol said...

Poison ivy, ugh! That stuff is awful. Isn’t there a shot you can get to clear it up faster?

Sad to hear about Alma & your friend’s dad, but we know God is in control and knows best. If you know the Lord, death is not a bad thing. It is hard for the surviving relatives though. But the Lord never promised us a rose garden here on earth. If it were, there would be no need for heaven. This life is very hard sometimes. –But really, we have more than we deserve.

As far as the stuff we leave behind, well it’s just STUFF. A lot of times when someone dies, the stuff they leave behind is a burden to the recipients. They may not really need it or even want it, but feel guilty if they get rid of it, so they keep it or store it, never even actually using it or looking at it, but feel they MUST keep it or else they seem to not care about the deceased one.

Just some thoughts I had. Have a great Saturday!! Love ya.