Friday, May 05, 2006

What to DO? Please Help!

Well I have put off writing this for as long as I can. I must speak about the way of the world. It is getting to where I cant stand to go out of my house, I dont know if I'm a biggot or if I am just sick of this sin-sick world. Every where I go I see people tattooed, pierced, men with men, women with women, women (and girls) half naked , men with their pants falling off.
I even have 1 (nameless) daughter-in-law who is an exibitionist. I mean she is always half naked, I cant take it anymore and I dont think I should, or have to. I have told her in the kindest way that she needs to cover up but she refuses. So, I am forced to tell her, I WILL put a tee shirt on her when she is at my house. I DO NOT want to see her bare breasts ,her butt cheeks, or her belly fat ANYMORE! So I may not see one of my sons or grandchildren anymore, but I must stand for what I believe. I have tried to tell her that I have a very impressionable young daughter, and a 17 year old stepson and that to "Please" cover up, but she just wont comply. I have explained to her ( she claims to be a christian) that christians DONT act like the world, that it is dis-respecting your husband ( who has asked her to not dress so provocativly) but she just does'nt hear. So I have no other choice. She keeps asking when is the pool gonna be ready? I guess I will tell her "Never " for you. I have to stick to my guns...My house is like my safe haven where I dont have to put up with the frusterations I have with the world. Ya'll pray for her as I am, because I know the Lord Jesus CAN change her, but I can't, and pray for me as I deal with this. Any comments or advise as to how to do this tactfully would be appreciated!

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