Saturday, June 24, 2006

Good Saturday Morning!

Well , here I am again , bright and early on a saturday morning, blogging! Its not that I have nothing else to do, I have plenty to do and should be doing, but I wanted to stop and reflect onmy week past. Lets see... Monday Morning Noah had a fever and I attributited it to his cutting teeth, he still had fever Tuesday so we called his dr and made an appointment, his dr was not in so we made the appt to see another dr. The appointment was for 9:50 so I rushed around got my self ready and Noah, then woke Whitney and off we went. The dr looked at Noah and said it was NOT teeth. He drew blood and said that his bloodwork was good, checked his ears throat ect and then stated, "Its a viral infection"let it run its course and give him tylenol. Which is what I was doing at the start. Hum.......ever feel like you just wasted time and energy?
Then I went by mama's to check on her, and she had some kind of attack while I was there. We were talking and she was standing and she kinda was grabbed by pain, she went and sat down and she was talking and the pain kept grabbing her, finally she made it to the bed , but it didnt get any better, It got worse. She called the dr who told her to go to the er for an x-ray, so she did, she was really worried about that bone cancer, she started takin pain pills every 4 hours and is to go get a bone scan Wednesday. ( She did and the bone scan did'nt show any cancer,and to top it off she feels much better, I think she pinched a nerve or something.) Any way I spent most of Monday and Tuesday rockin Noah...Wednesday, Rudy went and got Fred's tiller and then took Veronica (who's car was repossesed) and took her to UT for a sonograph, but they got there and they told her she needed $500. cash, so they came back home. I pray that she gets diagnosed, but HOW? She just stays sick and the ONLY way the Dr. will see you is if you have $100. in your pocket. Which she doesn't, so she just goes to the er everytime and they bill her and the bills NEVER get paid, its just a cycle. Anyway I went to 1st baptist , Lindale, Wednesday night and it was a good study. The only thing is , its a bunch of really old people and no one speaks to me, but thats ok, I'm not going to be spoken to, but to maybe learn something, and maybe I am. I have'nt heard from Chad since Friday a week ago so I am really starting to worry, but what can I do? So then Thursday rolls around and jenn brings Dolese for me to keep while she goes to Longview to get her hair bleached ...she got here about 10:10 and she really is a sweet baby, I played musical babies, one slept while the other was up and vise-versa, and Whitney was a really good help. I asked jenn to be back at least by 4:00.
Any- how Thursday Morning while I was keeping babies, Rudy was working with Fred's tiller, he broke up nearly the entire back yard, got the weeds all out and sowed grass seed. Then put out fertilizer. Then watered it . He worked really hard, I hope the grass comes up.
Friday morning, the state worker came to check on Noah. Everything was good, I guess we got an "A". Then a lawyer came over ( the ad-Litem) for Jesse and Ricky, we are terminating their mothers rights, and I'm adopting them. Nevermind the fact that Jesse will be 18 in 6 months, its mainly for Ricky and the Lawyer said it would look better if both of them were included. So you know I was sweeping and mopping and dusting and cleaning Friday morning at the crack of dawn. Rudy had to take Jesse to work from 4-9, and after Rudy picked him up we all went to "Andys custard stand" in Tyler. It was really good , I was really needing to get out of here. And that brings me to "here and now" Rudy found a website called "just for catholics" It is here: any way those of you who know him , know he was brought up a catholic, and he is looking for ways to refute the things, the traditions, they believe, so that he can talk to his mother. I cant believe how much he has been reading...Rudy who DOES'NT READ!!! Thank you Lord. Ya'll please remember Chad in your prayers. I finally talked to him last night(fri) and he was upset cause they took his trustee status away from him, because of his disability...Doesnt seem right does it? But they did. I keep thinking about how Josephs brothers threw him in a ditch, and they meant it for harm, but God used it for His purpose, to get him to Egypt. And I wonder why all this is happening to Chad...But I must know that God is in control and not one thing is gonna happen to Chad that God doesnt allow and ordain. And its GOOD and RIGHT and I must REST in CHRIST!
Ya'll have a blessed day!


Carol said...

Sounds like you've got a lot going on. I don't know how you do it all! Hang in there!

Love ya,

Rudy said...

I did work hard.....