Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How's everybody?

Well we had a nice relaxing vacation. Pennsylvania is beautiful country! We had a lots of good food, John cooks a mean scrambled egg breakfast. I was ready to come home tho, I hate to be away from mama and daddy the boys & Whitney , Noah and the rest of the family for very long. Here's a picture of Mama and Fred and Noah that I took Monday when mama and Fred came out . Also I went over there today and Cricket was there, here is a picture of her and Mama.
Chad had his day in court and the judge that was so concerned with putting young addicts in prison sentenced him to 5 years, in prison. Ya'll please pray for my baby son.
I getting ready to send another letter to the editor, I'm having to pray about what to say...I'm sure my letters do no good, but they make me feel better!
I'll write more later... Go look at Meo's blog ( Life of MEJK) and Rudy's blog (Rudy's life) to see pictures of our Pennsylvania vacation.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenda!

Here's how to post the 'cheat sheet'

First copy the link:

Then in your template put this in:

in front of the http, put:
< a href="http.....

at the end after the php, put:
...php">Calvinism Cheat Sheet< /a>

But with NO spaces. (I had to put in the spaces between the characters so it would post here)

Let me know how it goes!!

I notice you live in Texas! Very good. And that you're 46. Me too, although I will be 47 next month. Egads!!!!

See ya soon~

Anonymous said...

Glenda, from looking at your sidebar, it doesn't appear that you've added anything yourself, correct?

When you go into your template, scroll down and find where it reads "Beginning of side bar" Then you'll see code for your profile, your blogroll, etc.

You can put the code in for the cheat sheet anywhere after that in your sidebar.

You have to scroll slowly and read really carefully, since all that html code is so jumbly looking! It can be hard to read sometimes.

Also, in your blogger account 'dashboard' there are places you can click on to find out how to do certain functions in your template.

Hope that makes some sort of sense!!!

Rudy said...

Those are very nice Picture....