Friday, July 21, 2006

Happy Friday

HEllo out there in blog land.
I stole that last blog entry from a friend named brother Brett, If any of you read it , it was worth the time and energy!
My #2 son Matthew is in San Antonio right now with his part time job, He's a full time nursing student , you know, and works part time at Legacy of Life, and Lloyd James Funeral home. Anyway, this trip is with Legacy of Life. He called me yesterday and told me how informative these workshops are, that he is really enjoying the information, but it is boring after class. I told him to go walk the Riverwalk or go to the MArket-center...nothing boring about San Antonio. I love that city, in fact, Rudy, Whitney, Noah and I are going for a week around the 1st of August. Since we cancelled our Florida trip, because, our motor home gets 7 1/2 miles per gallon of gas, and gas is now 2.90 a gallon, we kinda wanted to go SOMEWHERE, before school started back. Matt and Whitney are about to have a b-day on the 28th...Matt will be 25 and Whitney will be 13...woo hoo big birthdays! Michael is working hard at his job. He almost had a heat stroke Monday, doing a termite inspection , he was under a house for about 4 hours and really got dehydrated. He had a bad head-ache, and said he did'nt feel right. I told him to freeze a gallon of water every-night and take it with him and drink on it all day. Ya'll pray for him. That is hard work. Channel 7 is supposta be here for an interview with Whitney today. I talked to mama this morning, she is home alone, Fred has gone to a nephew's funeral with his daughter. I will probly go check on her sometime today. She says she feels ok , but just has zero energy! Maybe my grand kids will come swim today...I have'nt talked to Missy or Kelly much this week. I guess every bodys been busy. Missy has'nt smoked a cigarette in about 3 weeks! I'm really proud of her for that. Kelly has lost about 30 lbs. I think its time to stop dieting, she looks great!
Chad called me last night , he is content I guess, he does'nt complain. He just wants this to be over with.So do I. I miss him so much.

Daddy and Dorothy came out yesterday. They are doing good. I sure do thank the Lord for them. and for sending Dorothy to daddy, she is so good to him and loves and cares for him. I told them both to stay out of this heat. Daddy thinks he's still 30!
My friend Amy and her husband Jesse came out yesterday too. Her mother is dying , of A.L.S.
she is the primary caretaker. Ya'll pray for her.
Also , Noah's Aunt Kora, and his great great grandma came out yesterday. They visited for awhile, ooing and aahing over what a handsome guy Noah is. His GGGrandma is 90 something. A very nice lady.
Ive gotta get busy...Ya'll have a blessed day, and remember my prayer requests, the Lords will be done!

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Carol said...

Poor, sweet Michael, being under a house in this heat! That must be miserable. Breaks my heart just thinking about it. Tell him to tell his boss he will do those kinds of things very early in the morning ONLY. Surely they would understand, wouldn't they? My goodness! That's awful.

Have a good day.