Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday Already???

Wow I cant believe time is marching on so fast! Seems like yesterday we went to Johns Retirement party. I was gonna blog about that , so I'll skim over it!
Daddy and Dorothy, and Matt and Missy, Lucas, Adam, and Allison, Rudy , Whitney, Noah, and I, loaded the RV up last sat morning and headed to houston, It was a pleasant trip. Rudy had cooked a brisket the night before and I had made potatoe salad and deviled eggs, we had lots of chips and drinks, Daddy and Dot brought stuff. The kids were good,it was a fairly pleasant trip.Any way we got there and they had lots of nice food there as well, fruit, cake a really good punch called baptist champagne( I need to get that recipe!)There were probly between 50 and 75 people coming and going , mingling , visiting ect. John loved his (unfinished) shadowbox. We had them put all his badges and pins in and a flag that we recieved from Louie Gohmert that flew over the capitol....I may have a pic...

It was a joint effort between Meo and Rudy, it really is nice. We have to wait til John can give us his Lt. Badge and pin , and a pic on both sides of the flag of when he started and when he retired. IT is gonna be really nice.

Also got to see all the great neices and nephews. Here's a picture of them:

Here's Kalyn Here's Jacob Here's the schoolboy,Dylan with Allie in the back

I guess Logan was so into her hide and seek game that I never got a pic, sorry Logan!

We all had a good time. Heres a randon shot of some of the guests

Happy retirement John.

I am going to Dallas to see Chad today. Ya'll remember him in your prayers!

Have a great Saturday!

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Carol said...

Thanks for the update! The shadowbox is very nice. Enjoy your visit with Chad.