Saturday, February 17, 2007

Why do some people operate with the wrong side of their brain.

I got on here this morning to write a blog, I was gonna write a lengthy informative blog, about I dont know what soap opera week I guess, when I tried to sign on it said change over to new improved blogger , so I did which took a minute, then it wanted me to update my profile which I tried to do and I decided to put a picture of myself on my profile and I CANT........I tried, I downloaded all kinds of things to help , I selected the particular picture I would put on, but I could'nt figure out how to do it.............I am frusterated at this moment so I cant write my lenghty blog. One thing myspace does that blogger doesnt do is to make it easy to put a picture up. I operate on simplicity, if it isnt simple or at least self explanitory, it aint for me.
SOO........this is the blog you get this week!
I do wanta ask for prayer for my boys, they are all going thru some rough stuff.
Matt is really studying hard and with working 2 jobs besides being a full time nursing student, and being a husband and daddy, he is fighting to have time for all the important things in his life ( I have'nt seen him in 2 weeks).
Michael going through this divorce- reconciliation- joining the marine corps stuff, plus working full time, its taking its toll on him. Pray that his wife will make up her mind.
Chris is working 12 hour days ,7 days a week,and is extremely exausted, and I'm really asking that God deal with him, on his habit, , well truth is if God will deal with him, the habit won't be a problem anymore.
And of course Chad...he has court next tuesday, and got a letter from the parole board saying he gets out in 45 days, but who knows...I told him not to get his hopes up too high cause, mans not in control of him. GOD IS.
Jesse is in the upgrad program so that he can get out of school early and try to get into the airforce. Pray for him as he studies the asvet test.
And my darling Whitney...we are battling , she wants to dress like all the other 13 year olds in her school and I say NO. You are not of this world you are passing through. at least as long as I have any say about it. I pray that I can be more patient with her and deal with these problems in a more loving manner.
Rudy's fine, working 1 day a week at the funeral home and loving every minute of it. It's actually fairly morbid, the fact that he loves it so much.
I sure enjoy ya'lls blogs when you blog (Meo)
I hope everybody has a great Saturday!

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Carol said...

I will pray for God's will in all your children's lives. And stay strong with Whitney. She doesn't know what is best for her, even though she thinks she does. That's your job.

Love you,