Tuesday, April 03, 2007

IS it Tuesday yet? Back in time...

I believe it is...Feels like it should be Thursday or Friday...Time is sure moving fast. I think it must be my age.
I remember when I was a little girl...racing bikes, climbing tree's, beating up my brother and his friends, arm wrestling champ of the neighborhood, some said I was a tom boy...hum.........IT just seemed like we'd go out to play and it was hours and hours before it was time for our lunch, then it was back out again and it was forever til supper time. I remember waiting for my daddy to come home. Sometimes he'd stop the truck and let me ride standing on the bumper holding on to the tailgate, that was the greatest feeling. Wow, they'd arrest you today if you did that. We'd go in and mama would have the table set. Pork chops (slightly burned, I still like em that way) mashed potatoes, and beans, always beans, daddy loved beans. We usually drank milk, sometimes koolaid, but it was always good. Daddy watched the news and we had to be quiet, and not bother him while he watched the news, if we got too loud, he'd say "LISTEN". Not like parents now days, cussing, our daddy or mama did'nt say bad words unless they were arguing, then we knew to steer clear. Sometimes we'd go to work with daddy, and me and Buster always rode in the back of the truck. We'd stand up in the back and hold our mouths a certain way and the wind would make us whistle. We'd go under underpasses and Daddy would always honk and it would echo. We were so carefree. Innocent, I don't think kids are that way anymore. It took very little to entertain us.
Some would say we had a "bad homelife" I dont think so. We didnt have all the attention in the world, but I understand that now. Our parents didnt really get along, but hey, its hard raising 4 kids, trying to make ends meet. They loved us, I know that,they didnt even tell us very often, but we knew it. We always went to church, and they instilled good moral values in us, good work ethic (thanks daddy, we all work like slaves :)
Mama and Daddy are still with us. Thank you Lord. What has happened to the time...It seems like yesterday.
I gotta get ready for my weekly trip to Athens. Ya'll pray for Chad and Michael (I still hav'nt gotten a letter) ...Guilt Mode:ON, Pray for Whitney Matt and Chris too.
Have a great day!

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Carol said...

I remember those days. That was a long time ago. You're right things sure have changed.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane!