Thursday, June 12, 2008


We went to Arbor Place Baptist Church last night with Mary & John and Chad and after church we got a call from Jesse who was @ home with Noah. He said Noah was not feeling very well, so we ambled on home not really thinking much about it, well when we got home and were greeted by Noah he had very high fever. We took his temp with the temperance scanner and couldnt get a clear reading but I could tell it was high. I got a reading of 105.2 at one time and I think that was probly right.Well first I gave him tylenol and then brought him to the tub to try to cool him off. He was crying but not bad ...yet! I got him dressed while Rudy ran to walmart to get Motrin and another (mercury) thermometer. They did not have one , they had some kind of non mercury earth friendly thermometer, and I tried it but Noah was really getting fussy by now and would not let me put it in his mouth or his underarm, I finally got some- what mean and stuck it up his booty, which did not help the situation at all. His temp was 103.6 and keep in mind that I had given tylenol @ 9:00 p.m. It was now 11:00 P.M.and it was still 103.6 I wrestled with him for awhile, trying to keep a cool rag on the back of his neck and underarms, then Rudy said, do you think we should take him to the e.r. I said I don't know , I just knew I did not want to go, but it looked like I might have to, so off we went. We first went to Mother Francis. Rudy let me off @ the door and I started in, but saw that it was wall to wall people...uh uh, I walked right back out with Noah in tow, but I could not find Rudy. I finally spotted him about 2 floors up in the parking garage. I hollared at him and told him about the crowd inside, got back in the car, buckled Noah back up and we headed for ETMC. We drove through the E.R. lane and could see a repeat of Mother Francis' waiting room. Good Lord we'd be here all night. So we headed out South Broadway to the ETMC- E.R. we were 3rd in line, not so bad you might say... yeah right. There must have been 10 people already behind the "closed doors". Noah all of a sudden got this great burst of energy, wanting to run and play, by now it is appx 1:00 in the A.M. They finally called him in and took his temp it was still 103.2 The nurse brought him some tylenol and weighed him (he weighs 29 3/4 lbs.) Then sent us back out into the waiting room to wait some more. We finally got called back at about 1:45 and the Dr. finally came in and checked his ears and throat (all Ok) then told us he needed a chest Xray, so we waited some more, they had to call in an xray tech. She finally got there and man did he scream. Anyway we got that done and then the nurse came back in and said she needed a urine sample. Thank goodness we are semi- training and Noah pee'd in a cup, or we would have had to wait for him to pee in the little stuck on pouch they tape on! Anyway I'm feelin pretty good by now only its freezing in there, then they come in with stuff to draw blood, oh my goodness he freaked out. He had his toncils taken out this past April so he knew what the needle was. The nurse felt around on his arm for 4 or 5 minutes and with me and Rudy and another nurse holding him, he got it on the 1st try, but man did Noah scream. Then we waited a bit longer then the Dr came back in and said everything's normal its just a virus... Rudy said "you mean we don't need any antibiotics?" The Dr. said "No just keep his fever managed with Tylenol and Motrin." We wearily went to the car, buckled Noah in and started home.It was now about 4:00 A.M. About the time we got home Noah started whining , as his fever began to rise again. I tried to sleep while he moaned, hoping to put a little time in between doses of medicine, I finally got up around 5:00 A.M. and got him more Motrin , he whined , but took it, I laid back down but the sun was starting to come up and I just can't sleep in the morning, so I got on up and fed and changed Ricky, and now its 8:14 A.M. and Noah and Rudy are sawing logs in the bed behind me...Must be nice! Thank you Lord that he's just got a bug and will get well soon, and Lord I'm not sure what the purpose of this was but I'm sure there was one because your word says ALL THINGS work together for good...
I hope ya'll have a great day!

Noah and Papa


Mary Ellen said...

I'm glad everything is OK with Noah. I know you are tired. Hopefully you can get a chance to catch a few winks sometime today.

We did enjoy going to dinner with you all.

Carol said...

Oh my goodness, what a night! I'm glad Noah is OK. One good thing, I bet you'll sleep good tonight.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Meo,we enjoyed dinner too in fact I just ate leftovers for lunch...John sure did a good job on Psalm 35.
Carol, Yeah If I can make it w/out a nap today.