Monday, August 11, 2008

Dr. John M. Scott , D.D.S.

Yesenia and I had a dentist appointment today...Yessi has a cavity and we know it because it has been hurting her, so while we had her here in the U.S. we decided to take her to see our family dentist, Dr. John Scott.
Dr Scott and I go way, way back, in fact I went to see Dr. Scott when I was 16 or 17 for the first time. Dr Scott says 17, I say 16. I know I was Glenda Jones when I was 16 and Glenda Farnham when I was 17 so who knows. Anyway, Dr Scott was a skinny little guy who was not too much older than I was in fact , if I was 17 he was 30, (16- 29) you get the picture. I wish I had pictures from way back then. In these pictures today you will see that his hair is not near as thick as it use to be, but he's still skinny! No offence Dr. Scott, you are really holding up good for your age. Because we are long time patients, even tho Dr. Scott is NOT taking new patients, he agreed to see Yessi as a favor , Thank you so much Dr. Scott.
When we got there Eileen wasn't there because her back is hurt, but she came on in within a few minutes of our arrival. She's smiling, but her back is hurting really bad. We are praying for you Eileen and hope the chiropractor helps this afternoon.

Yessi was acting all brave but she was scared to death. See how pretty she is, even when she's scared!

Here's Dr. Scott putting on his gloves, I can't tell you how many times he worked on my teeth and my families teeth with no gloves, but times have changed!
Dr Scott always asks me questions while he's working on my teeth, I always try to remember the questions so I can answer when he gives me a break.I stayed in there while he did Yessi's teeth so we just talked and had the best visit. He always asks after Mama, Daddy and Buster. I told him Mama had died and he shared in my sorrow. He always laughs at Daddy and swore after pulling a couple of his teeth , that he would NEVER pull another one, because they were so hard to pull. He says Daddy is the nicest man, but he had the hardest teeth that he has ever pulled.
Poor Eileen, she had to come mix the filling stuff, but Dr. Scott is so kind and conside-rate, he asked her "can you do it"? She replied "it hurts as bad standing as it does sitting...I might as well do it"

Almost done. He filled her 1 cavity with out too much pain, and temporarily filled the deep one, uh ooooooo we have to make another appointment.

Thursday @ 2:00, we'll be there, if the good Lords willing.
O I forgot to tell you about my check up...No Cavities, but I sure have sore gums from my cleaning.
Thank you again Dr. Scott, for being the best dentist. You have served my family well and I so appreciate all the late , and saturday appointments through out the years. You always saw the younger kids and even gave them dimes to let you look at their teeth and you didn't charge me for 1/2 the stuff you did , cause you knew how hard it was , raising a big family. You never fail to ask after all my kids, by name I might add, and when I tell you the antics they have gotten into over the years, you just smile and never judged . Thanks for having such a sweet , humble spirit, and for always letting me see Jesus in you.

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