Thursday, September 11, 2008


I went by Daddy's this morning and guess who was there? Well Yohon Milas Kning was there. Daddy's A.C. unit was trying to act up so Yohon volunteered to come help Daddy, but MY DADDY, who can fix ANYTHING... fixed it before Yohon got there.
We were standing outside telling Yohon goodbye, when WHO do you think drove up??? Rodolfo on his Honda shadow. He loves his bike!
So Daddy , Yohon and Rudy had to shoot the breeze a little bit, comparing notes on how to solve the country's problems...Well we left Daddy's house and headed over to Fred's house. We found him visiting his kids and eating pizza!
PaPaw King was trying to kill a snake and threw his knee out...We got crutches to take to him, to get him back up on his feet. Somebody tell that man he's 83* soon to be 84. Anyway, His daughter Beverly , her daughter Penny and the youngest great grand-daughter were there...OOps I forgot her name :( Sorry pretty little girl...
Here's another picture of 4 generations of King's .

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