Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do you need TOILET PAPER?

At about 11:30 pm last night I woke up. I don't know why, I had just barely gone to sleep, in fact Rudy was still watching T.V. I kept hearing sounds that were out of the ordinary, not loud or explosive sounds, but suttle sounds. I asked Rudy, "What is that! He said I don't know, probly Chad and Jesse. He got up to go check. I waited for about 10 minutes and I was about to get up and go see for myself when Rudy came back into the room and said, "Man, did we get wrapped!"
So I got up and grabbed my camera and went out the front door. It seems that Chad had rolled up on these 3 boys who were in the middle of a wrapping fiasco. Chad said when he rolled up through the T.P. the 3 boys ran off down the street to an awaiting white bronco and jumped in and rolled away.
Well ,Chad, Jesse , and I admired it for a few minutes then I told the boys "If we wait til morning to get it up the dew will wet it and it will be so hard to get up" , they agreed, so we all 3 started pulling it down from the trees.
Jesse found 2 empty packages that said double rolls 24 rolls equivelent to 48/ Angel soft. So total there were 48 rolls used on our house, not counting the "double"size. Wow!!
I told the boys that was probly about $15.00 worth of toilet paper. Somebody's mama must have paid for that and didn't know it!
Lots of the rolls were not even 1/2 way gone so I told the boys, just take it into the house...we'll use it! When we were about through cleaning it all up, a white bronco drove by and Chad said there they go. I'm sure they were mad that we were cleaning it up and Whitney didn't even get to see it.
When I got up @ 6:00 I went out to make sure they hadn't revisited...Look what God made just for me!
There are not words for this beauty. Thank you Lord Jesus for this gift.

I walked around back and found this...
I looked up in Honey Bunny's house and saw this! Good Morning to you Honey Bunny!

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My Wonderful Life said...

That is nice.....(she said in a sarcastic tone) You don't know who did it? I would not have wanted to clean that up after the dew fell either!
Love Ya

Sojourner said...

I don't like TP in trees! You were smart to get it down before the dew. The sunrise was much more to my liking.

lookuptoday said...

Hello, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I have been reading and enjoying your blog. You are very witty and i love that. You have a beautiful family and i can see in your pictures and writing how much love and pride you have for your family. I will be back to visit and please feel free to visit me any old time. Dee

lookuptoday said...
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Polgara said...

Just wanted to say Hi and thanks for the comment.
Love your blog!
Pol x

Cow-Herd said...


Look where the Black Box brought me?
and ur tree got TPed?
How do u get it off? And why the hell do ppl TP trees anyway? Sorry. Different country different culture I know but curious nevertheless. Nice blog btw.

rashbre said...

I've been beamed here by the black box and am bemused by the whole situation. We don't really get that here in the UK.

Is it anything to do with Halloween??


careysue said...

Beautiful pictures!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Hmmmm, didn't realize people still risked "their lives" doing that these days!
Boy am I out of touch!