Sunday, November 23, 2008

My weekend in PICTURES!

This 1st couple of pictures are in honor of a very special boy at our house who is finally pottytrained ! He wanted to remain incognito, but he needed Babe (thats what Noah calls me), and I couldn't hear him with his mask on, so he took it off to hollar for me to come here.

Just between us, its Noah!

Whitney and I had to run to Sam's club to get a few items, one of those being...Adam Hunter! He decided he wanted to spend the night with us, so his dad Matt met us there and dropped him offI asked Matt if it would be alright if Adam got a haircut... Matt said that was fine so off we went to Sports Cuts!
Here's a before picture
He was so still and nice for the lady . Here's a during picture
And here's the finished What a handsome guy even with a few teeth missing!

We went to Gladewater, to the Gladewater Saturday Night Opry, where they had a LEGENDS show...This 1st picture is of Whitney rehearsing

This is of Whitney appearing as Miss Tanya Tucker ( Can you believe she's a legend, I guess its cause she started performing at the ripe old age of 13)

Next she helped out Mr Johnny Cash (A.K.A. Caleb Shelton) , as Miss June Carter, performing "Jackson"

Here she is as Tanya Tucker again (older) along side of Jimmy Blackmon, who played Buck Owens and Elvis (Sonny Montana) was in the house. He didn't do too bad for a dead guy!

I just had to show you a picture of Noah and Adam, all dressed up for church onn Sunday morning. Weren't they handsome!
Oh, and for the record, Noah sat in big church this morning for the 1st time. What a big, potty-trained, 3 year old we have!
I hope everybody's having a great Lords-Day!
I'm excited and ready for the Monday-Memory tomorrow.Click on the button on my sidebar for more info. Its where you write a verse in your blog and you have a week to "Hide it in Your Heart"
come back tomorrow and check it out.


Carol said...

Hooray for Noah!

Such cute pictures. Adam looks just like Matt when he was little. Amazing.

Jaden Paige said...

Aw, look at the boys all dressed up :)

Sooo adorable!

Congrats on the potty training... We're hoping to get there somewhat soon, but we're not pushing it, just letting her get acquainted with the potty for now... Lol!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my blog!

lookuptoday said...

Looks like a fun weekend. It must be exciting to have such a talented daughter. Dee

Anonymous said...

My Gosh, I cannot beleive that God has blessed me with such a family, I love you ALL so much.