Monday, November 03, 2008

My youngest grand daughter Dolese

Chris and
Dolese came to visit this past Saturday.
We had a great visit and Dolese is getting so big and pretty.
I thought you might want to see for yourself!
She and Noah played on the swings for awhile, and then they went to jump on the trampoline.

They were having a great time,
jumping and rolling around and laughing.

Things changed when Chris jumped up on the trampoline.
Dolese started laughing and got so excited.
She is used to her dad being very rough with her...
Noah on the other hand got really scared

He decided to stand afar off and watch.
He laughed and had a great time watching,
as long as he was a distance away from them.

Dolese laughed and enjoyed being tossed up into the air.

Here's a few more pictures.



Mary Ellen said...

Really good pictures! Dolese is a very pretty girl.

Carol said...

Dolese is growing and changing. She IS a pretty girl. Chris doesnt look too bad his own self.

Anonymous said...

there's ole chris hopper and my great neice, she looks like her uncle to me.....well, maybe not, her eyes are to blue, but I know she got the good looks from the bloodline. Typical Paj and Jack grand baby, Pretty as ever!