Monday, December 22, 2008

December 20th

Whitney and a group of 3 other friends from school have entered the F.F.A. talent show. They've been coming to our house to practice. They are doing good, The contest is January 7th in Sulpher Springs.

In the meanwhile...She performed at Gladewater Saturday Night Opry this past Saturday night. She sang O' come all ye Faithful, Hard Candy Christmas, and she did the finale for the whole group of Silent Night.

These are not the greatest pictures, because I wasn't my usual "chipper" self Saturday night. In all honestly I have not been feeling up to par. Nothing is wrong, I just don't feel myself.

This one is just down right bad! I wanted you to see how all the other performers were standing behind her with candles. These Pictures don't show how pretty it was.

This one is when they were doing the 12 days of Christmas. Whitney did "2 turtle doves"

This is her performing Hard Candy Christmas

This is last night. She had her friend MArissa spend the night and they got Rudy to warm up the hot tub so they could swim. IT was 28 degrees outside!
here's another one.

I was sitting in the kitchen (warm) making bookmarkers for christmas gifts. Man, my vision is getting baddd.. I'll show ya later what they look like!
Have a great day, God bless you and please, "Remember the reason for this season"


lookuptoday said...

Your daughter is so pretty,to bad there isn't a way to hear her voice. Dee

Washer Mom Val said...

I can hear her sing in my mind....pretty daughter! Look forward to seeing your bookmarks too!

beckymc said...

Your daughter is very pretty. Look forward to seeing your book marks. Hope you feeling better soon.