Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Daddy had an M.R.I. Today!

Daddy & Dorothy got up @ 5:30 this morning, but thats nothing unusual...Daddy put on a pair of sweats, now thats unusual! He had to have clothes with no zippers or buttons on 'em. So he couldn't wear his coveralls, or overalls.
They headed out to U.T. Tyler for his appointment with the M.R.I. machine, It really didn't take very long about 30 minutes to an hour. I met Dorothy @ around 8:a.m. in the waiting room. We had a cup of coffee and a nice visit.
Then we headed on up to see Daddy's favorite nurse, Janet W. Daddy was so glad to see her. He says she's such a good nurse , and she doesn't miss a beat! She drew blood to check his coumadin level, to make sure his blood is the proper consistancy...not too thick or thin.
He explained everything to her, why I was there ( The M.R.I.) as she listened patiently. What a pleasant smile she had and you would've thought we were her only patient. She took lots of time to listen to all our questions, and answered them throughly.
I think Daddy enjoys getting to go visit, even tho it is the dr.s office!
Oh and daddy : you look real smooth in your sweats!


Mamaw to 6 said...

You did some good picture taking!!:)
I am glad you were there and it looks and sounds like daddy and Dorothy were too. You are a good daughter and a good sister.

The W.O.W. factor said...

My Dad loves to visit too! And it doesn't matter that it is mostly during Dr visits! He Love to give young nurses some flirts!
MRI? I had to have one last year, couldn't do the 'tube thing' awake! Paranoia!! Had to go back and get knocked out...Whewww! I've no idea how long I was in that contraption and with drugs..I didn't care.

Carol said...

He sure does look smooth in those sweats!