Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well its not icy outside...
The weatherman was up all night talking, looking at maps, radar, and rerunning stories about the sand trucks being all ready, running the lists of schools closed and closing all night. He gets so excited. Its kinda like , when the weather is supposed to get bad, its "The Weather Man" show*
I'm sure hes a good weather man, but I've just never bonded with the local weatherman. He just kinda turns my estomago...
His name is Mark Skirto, but I have always referred to him as Mark Scrotum, I really don't know why, I just always have. He's been on the local station for about 10 years it seems and I never fail to say whats "scrotum got to say today?
He really takes his job seriously and seems so sincere (but usually sincerely wrong)Now thats probly not true...He may be right , but you know the weather in Texas, I don't know if anybody can predict it. I really think what he does is , he checks the Dallas weather and whatever its doing in Dallas, thats what he predicts for us.
I will say that even tho I don't mesh with him, he had some really bad health problems last year ( a brain tumor) and it really scared me. I did pray for him and I'm glad he's ok cause I couldn't gripe if he wasn't on there....right.

Ya'll have a blessed day and even tho there's no ice, its C-O-L-D so get yer hat, and coat and gloves and drive safely and watch for the black ice patches on the road (thank you Mr. Scrotum)


kelliebean said...

Waaay too funny! No, you can't predict TX weather - wait, yes you can. It's just that your prediction will come and go over like 5 minutes.

A couple of yrs ago in ELP, our weatherfolks were having a field day, predicting "The Snowstorm of the Century." Every school district shut down. Grocery stores were packed the night before. We all hunkered down in anticipation. The next morning, we awoke to...light rain showers.

But, hey, a day off from school's a day off from school, right?! ;)

Carol said...

Haha! Pretty funny. You know, a few months ago I had a blog post about our weatherman (the time Corbin was on the weather). You'd be surprised how many hits that blog post has had with people who google the weatherman's name. I bet the same thing happens with yours. What they'll read will probably not be what they expected. LOL

The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL! I think I could be a weather person...not sure I'd want that job tho! No one likes you!