Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lucas is 11...that makes me old.......

Today is the day that my oldest grandson was born, 11 years ago.
What a sweet boy he has turned out to be!

I went out to see the birthday boy and give him some "stuff".
He was very glad to see me.
I sure love you Luke and I hope you had a happy birthday, and have a great birthday party on Saturday. I won't be able to be there because ANOTHER one of our boys is getting married Saturday and I have to be there. ( Congratulations to RudyII and Casey!)
Adam was asleep, but guess who wasn't.....
Hey girl, its past your bedtime!
Isn't she pretty!


Susie said...

What a great looking young man! I hope he has a great birthday!!

beckymc said...

Your grandchildren are precious. You are blessed. Arn't grand children wonderful!