Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rudy II's wedding

Meet Casey Dawn , she is the bride!

This is Little Rudy, Rudy's oldest son, He's the groom!

We went to Little Rudy's wedding last night and it was really a nice one. Very pretty, simple, but very cost efficient and practical. Just my cup of tea!
Ive never been one of these girls that had to have this costly, elaborate wedding. I say if you have lots of money to spend, give it to the couple, especially if they are broke like most people today.
Casey and Rudy had a friend to take their engagement pictures and they were great! They cost practically nothing. They printed them on their computer and they were so good. The same friend took pics at the wedding so I am expecting them to be equally as good. The flowers consisted of the bride's bouquet and the grooms boutaneer. The rest of the decorations were just stuff that the church let them use, themed valentines day (the day they got married on). They had a flower girl and a ring bearer, who were the bride's neice and little brother and they did a great job.

There were no costly tuxcedo's, the focus was indeed on the beautiful bride! They also rented a very few items to make it nice like the unity candle and the arch that they stood under. The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, and they were very happy and are looking forward to a trip to Cancun, Mexico later this year. The trip is the wedding present from the bride's parents, they could afford it because the wedding was modest. I am very pleased with the wedding and the new daughter-in-law. She seems really nice, and she reminds me of another one of my daughters-in law (Kelly-belly)
Here are some pictures of the wedding...see if you don't agree it was nice!

Jesse (in green shirt and black pants) did catch the garter (he is supposed to be getting married in 3 weeks)

Whitney (in black and green dress) and Cassie, Jesse's girlfriend( in the red shirt and black pants) tried her best to catch the bouquet but lost it to the sister of the bride

This is the couple with the bride's family, who seem like really nice people.

Here are Rudy and I. I didn't get a picture of Whitney and Jesse with us because Cassie was taking pictures with my camera and she got in the family picture even tho she's not quite family... yet! I'm sure someone got a picture and will share it with us.


Mamaw to 6 said...

Looks like a very nice wedding and a very frugile young couple. Congratulations to Casey & Rudy!!!

Carol said...

I agree, it looks like a very nice wedding. I hope they live happy ever after!

Dee said...

A beautiful bride, a handsome groom, sweet and subtle wedding decor, money saved, a trip to cancun, lots of pictures of family and friends with smiles, spells out a perfect wedding. And a valentines day that will always be special for them. Dee