Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mt Pleasant, Texas

Whitney sang at the Pleasant Jamboree, Opry this past Saturday night and I had my new camera (Canon Rebel) with me. I took some pictures of some things that I thought you might find interesting. Here is a humongous bust of Bo Pilgram , famous chicken man, right outside the processing plant.

Here is Bo Pilgrams house. It is beautiful. I took this while Rudy drove about 60 MPH. Not bad if I say so myself, even tho I don't know how to operate all the functions of this camera.

Here's a wind farm along the way with some type of trees (peach, I think). They were really pretty this picture doesn't do it justice, but how could it, going 70.

Here's Whitney with her stage make-up on. She hates the lip color, I hate the black around the eyes

But when she's on stage it doesn't look all that bad.
She did a really great job. (as usual)

Have a great-blessed day.


Mamarazzi said...

you need to post some video of your pretty girlie singing...that would be awesome!

janice_phil said...

great page!!! wow!!! she must audition at am idol i will be here one of million fans to be...hehe!!!

Dee said...

Hi, Your photo's are great for the speed you were traveling. I bet there is a photo group on flickr for photography while traveling high speeds! :) It will be fun watching Whitneys career through moms eyes. Dee

Butterfly Kisses said...

oh it would be nice to hear her voice. She is very pretty.

Dee said...

Hi Bliend, I have been listening to Whitney sing and once again i compliment her voice. I especially enjoyed your cheatin heart and beautiful. I am glad you found a way to share with everyone. Dee

Washer Mom Val said...

Glenda - just catching up on your blogs. Love the 60 mph pic and Whitney is so blessed to used her talents. Thanks for keeping my bro in your prayers!