Monday, April 27, 2009

Whats Happening!

Ive been resting from blogging, not that I needed a rest ( I don't blog that much) but I just haven't had anything to say...My world is still turning, I still have all my children, not much has changed...I'm still running in this amazing race (life) but I'm LAZY! Well at least from blogging. Last week I worked like a crazy white woman in my yard. I would like to be out there right now but its about to rain, so I'll kill some time in here.
Whitney sang in the school talent show last thursday. The video of their performance is on (click this link) youtube, just put Whitney's name in the search and look for the video named "In Color" thats the name of the song they sang. It was very good!She yelled and hollared for her friends, and just about lost her voice, which was not good, because she had to perform this past Saturday night in Gladewater.

O and I almost forgot to mention, she got her driving learners permit last Tuesday. Rudy and I were sure she was gonna fail the test because she (it didn't seem like) did not study very much. We were sure fooled. She missed 5 questions out of 30. The DPS people said she could miss up to 7 and still pass. Well, she did it and here's the proof.

We let Noah's birth mother (Jessica) stay the night and as you can see, the bond IS there. For now she will continue to visit him here and we will allow her to stay over occationally because Noah loves her so much!

Michael called me last night and said that their new family pet( a rescue dog who was too old to be adopted into a family with a ROWDY 5 year old) BIT Kaleb...they were at the emergency room getting stapled up. I'm not real sure whats gonna happen to the dog, I pray he finds a NEW HOME, if he's still alive. When he bit Kaleb Michael said he slung the dog across the room. Yet another lesson that people can love their pets but when it comes to deciding between children and pets...the pets gotta GO!

Poor Baby, granny wishes she could hold you!!!


angelonwheels said...


My heart breaks for Kaleb! What breed of dog was it??? We miss you in the blogging world, but I understand needing a break or not being inspired to write.

Carol said...

Aw, poor Kaleb. I hope he feels better soon!

Jen B. said...

I'm so glad Kaleb is ok! I hope he feels better soon!

sarah dahms said...

OMG!!! im not a 100% sure because the picture is from the side but i used to go to school with jessica (hubbard) whats her last name?

Glenda, saved by grace said...

It was Sperling