Thursday, May 21, 2009

Still Spring Cleaning!

I have been my very busy self here at home. I have been cleaning baseboards, dusting blinds (I hate dusting) Yesterday we mowed the yard and I fell into bed last night.
We also had visitors , or should I say Noah had visitors...His mother came and brought her sister and their mother. He had a good time.
I get in these funk's where I barely talk on the phone, barely leave the house. I just kinda get into my own stuff and simmer. Today I'm done...I'm going to my daddy's and getting out of dodge for a couple of hours. I did keep my 2 adorable grand-daughters earlier this week while their mama's had some mama time and I enjoyed them throughly! Here's some pictures!
They got their DADDY's Eyes!
Tiny toes need pedicure! :)
Noah (he's in heaven when the girls come over)
Dolese (Dee)

They are so anxious to swim, but they'll have to wait on their parents!!


Carol said...

Cute pictures!

I bet your house looks good.

Bocephus said...
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