Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yesenia's plane was to arrive at 5:40, but we left for Dallas around noon-ish, so that we could spend a little quality time with Whitney, and where better than Sam Moon- the biggest purse store in TEXAS!

We shopped while Rudy enjoyed a coke at the little Snak-shoppe next door.

Then we went by to see Bonnie at her job there, private sitting with Mrs. Walters

George and Laura (Bush) live there in the same neighborhood and we wanted to swing by and see their new house, but there were cops everywhere and Rudy's a chicken and wouldn't approach them so we didn't get to.
We did drive down Strait Street where the houses range from 7-40 million. Here's an example. Ross Perot lives there somewhere. His name was NOT on the mailbox...imagine that!

We left there and headed for Grapevine Mills mall where we did manage to get Whitney a couple pairs of walking shorts and a decent shirt (a rare find in this world!)

Then we headed on over to the airport to pick up "Senya", whose plane was (of course) delayed... (notice the NEW purse!)

We did all kinds of things to pass the time. I guess you could say we're not very patient people.

I really got annoyed at these people, who brought their cute little yapper dog into the airport. Do people not understand that DOGS are animals, they may be apart of the family , but they are still ANIMALS. Wonder what the authorities would do if I brought my pet St. Bernard with me? ( I dont really have a St. Bernard) This was one of two that we saw walking through the airport. The other one had a green dress on. Cute, but no less a DOG!
We actually laid eyes on her at about 7:00, and she would NOT smile for the camera, in fact I am lucky to even get this blurry image. She was very upset. It seems she had a really hard time getting through customs because she is staying for 4 months. They took her into an interrogation type room and questioned her profusely. They wanted to know WHY she was staying for 4 months... Senya is a very shy, sweet, girl and she was very scared and upset!

We stopped and ate at Saltgrass,on our way home , for the last time...Rudy got baked chicken and sausage, I got Chicken fried steak and the girls got chicken fried chicken. 4 drinks (Tea and sprite) and it was almost $100.00. O yeah that was the last time. Maybe I'm a tight-wad , but to me that was expensive! This little guy was sitting in the grass by our parking space. He just sat there and let us watch him.
At the end of the day we thanked God for our (and Yesenia's) safe travel. It was a very nice, long day!


Glenda, saved by grace said...

woahh mother dearestt:)
this is an amazing blog! wow:)
you lighht up my life!

*Chelsea Lynn* said...

What a day! I hope you digest that dinner verrrrrrry slowly. I think that would be my last time too. I love Whitneys' purse. Was wondering how many of those she had slung over her shoulder you had purchased.
So glad Yesina made it in safely. When I returned from Africa with my friends, they were taken aside and interrogated also. He is even an American Citizen. They would not let me go with them, even when Msoshi told them I help them understand the language. She should be very happy she was not loaded with $$. I was listening to some man being abused by security at an airport for having $4700.00 cash on his person. I think these people think they have more power than they actually have.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Hmmm, looks like a granddaughter was signed in on my comupter.

bringing up boys said...

Busy day. Our family of five went to Red Robin for fathers day. Over $100 dollars. I told the boys that is why we don't eat out often. I just keep thinking about all the plants that could have bought! Love the new purse! Wish you could have seen GW.

Carol said...

It looks like you had a lovely day in Dallas.

But $100 for 4 people to eat?? Holy Cow! That IS expensive. You could have bought groceries for 4 days for that.

Ysenia is staying for 4 months? Wow. That's a long time. I hope you've got her signed up for English classes while she's here.


bringing up boys said...

Oh, Glenda, I am so excited, I was blog surfing and found a modest bathingsuit blog. gonna paste it here. Yippee!

bringing up boys said...

Oh, Glenda, I am so excited, I was blog surfing and found a modest bathingsuit blog. gonna paste it here. Yippee!

bringing up boys said...

oops I guess I was excited & posted it twice. The yippee is me not the website!

Dee said...

When Whitney gets tired of her purse she can send it to me! I love purses. :) Dee

Susie said...

It looks like you had a great time:-)

Dee said...

Hi Glenda, It is me again. Thank you so much for your comments on my doodles. If you see a doodle or two you like just let me know and i will photo copy it and send you one. I would love for my doodles to have a happy home. Dee

Dee said...

Hi Its Dee again. My e-mail
if you send me your address i will send you a photo copy of the doodles. It may be a couple of weeks. Dee