Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Noah Loves Dr. Jeffery Smith

Just before Chris and Jennifer went home last night we noticed Noah's eye looked red and swollen. Jennifer and I discussed pink eye, allergies, eye cold...what could it be?

Noah woke up this morning with his left eye glued shut... Being the old hat that I am, I knew what it was, but then "the power of suggestion" from Jennifer compelled me to make sure. I can just see Dolese, Allie, Adam, and Luke coming down with pink eye..
So I called and got an appointment with Dr. Smith and I am glad to say that it is allergies. I did get some antibiotic drops to aid in healing. Noah told Dr. Smith that he loved him while we were there. Isn't that sweet!

While we were out, we went to Target, the BIG Walmart and to a couple of re-sale stores looking for a decent bathing suit for my rather busty 15 year old. Really people, there is just not a decent bathing suit out there. I went to J.C. Penneys last week and bought 2 that I thought would work, but when she put them on , I covered my eyes. They were obscene! So tonight she went to a slip and slide party in shorts and a tee shirt. I know - I know, I'm old fashioned, but I'm just not going to put my daughter on a plate for the devil to use .
If anybody knows of a site that sells modest bathing suits ( I dont mean THESE)give me a link.

Please I'm desperate!


Anonymous said...

Lands End has modest bathing suits ranging from old ladies suits to respectable tank top swim meet types. All sizes, too. Tija S

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

I totally agree with you on the bathing suits. I don't blame you one bit. She is a beautiful girl.

I knew right away when you said his eye was glued shut the first thought came to my head was allergies. It used to happen to Andrew all the time. Poor guy. Hope he gets better!

Mamaw 2 6 said...

This is a link to Lands End.

Glad Noah will be on the road to recovery. Not that allergies are good but better than pink eye.

Gramma 2 Many said...

I have seen some at Costco that are not bad.
Reminds me of last year when my neighbor brought over her bathing suit and asked me if I could alter it to fit her 12 year old daughter because they could not find anything appropriate that fit. Madison was going to the water slides with friends. Later I got a thank you note from Madison saying how glad she was I did that for her because it I didn't she was going to have to wear a real ugly one. Now I wonder if it was something like your link.

Dee said...

All us moms and grandmas should start writing letters to the clothing manufactors. We do not want our young girls in provocative clothes, no matter what Hollywood says ! Noah has a sweet heart. I bet the doctor just melted. Dee

Carol said...

Aww, that Noah is so cute.

Hope you find a good suit for Whitney. It's a shame that a modest swim suit is so hard to find.

Michelle said...

Aww, I love when they're still young and sweet and profess their love freely.

And the swim suits? *sigh* I'm SOOO not looking forward to those fights with Little Miss as she gets older. I can only imagine what the clothes will look like then.