Monday, October 12, 2009

Flustered in This WORLD TODAY!

Ok, So this morning , all is well, Whitney got a new pair of jeans and she was relatively happy (for Whitney) (I paid $30.00 and she paid $30.00 Kunkle John). I have to go through 2-4 way stops on my way to take her to school, or I should say 1-4 way and 1-3 way, to school, and the same on the way back.
Today was no different from any other day. The problem: People don't pay attention to when its their time to go.
When I'm one car back from the stop sign PhotobucketI look at the colors of the cars that are gonna go before me. I kinda like have a system in my head ...I go after the (color) car... It works well for me. I'm not saying Im perfect, but its kind of a common sense thing. Well this morning at my last sign (the 3 way) The one car went, then it was my turn, to turn left, but the big white dooley
1993 Dodge Ram 350 Clubcab Dually CTD - big truck wheels going straight starts to go.
I had started easing out and she barrels through with her lovely hand sticking up with the middle finger sticking up at me.
Now I know I have a temper, and road rage, or whatever you might want to call it, but I wanted to make the block and stop the big white dooley 1993 Dodge Ram 350 Clubcab Dually CTD - big truck wheels and whip this girls rear! I know this is not exactly a christian attitude, but I feel like the people who are doing these things are kids who've got no parents that have taught them anything, and I'm just the one to teach 'em!
A couple weeks ago I was sitting at the red light at the interstate and 69 in the left lane going straight up 69. I was the 1st car and there were several cars in the right-straight lane, when I heard a siren. It was faint, I barely heard it and the minute that I realized that it was coming up behind, the light turned green and I gunned it and got to the right, out of the way...the ambulance passed me and the car behind the ambulance, who was following the ambulance, passed with the window down and a guy hanging his arm out the window,shooting the bird, mouthing **** you...

I promise you, I NEVER wanted to catch up to a car any worse than I did right at that moment. I even thought about going to the hospital and putting a note on the car. I guess what I wanted to say was, WHY did you do that? I moved as fast as I could, I got over as fast as I could, WAS that necessary, did that make you feel better, to ruin my mood, to dis-restect me?
These are just two instances that this has happened, not the only times by any means.
Last week when I was dropping Whitney off at school, there was a car parked in the drop-off lane and everybody was pulling as far up as they could, letting their kid off and waiting a second or two, seeing that the car was just sitting there (not going anywhere) then backing up and going around the car, when I got up there I started to do the same thing, but the car behind me started to pass me so I tooted the horn at the car (that was sitting), when I backed up to pass, the woman rolled her window down and mouthed something, I being the confrontal person I am, stopped and said "Excuse me, I didn't hear you, Did you not know you are not supposed to park here, this is where you drop off your kids", she said "Yes I know it" and rolled back up her window... Does she know tht she's dealing with a former "MAD WOMAN" who at one time would have got our , ripped her out of the car and beat her derriere.......
BUT GOD... Sometimes I think that God is using the infidels to grow me. I get so angry, but then I think,

Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:
Ephesians 4:26

There's gonna come a time when I stop and pray for these people, in fact maybe that time is NOW, because that just came to me. I have to have an outlet for my anger. Maybe thats the lesson, to get me to deal with my anger. There are lots of things that get under my skin and I do not deal with things right. This may be the Lords way of teaching me. I know these examples are not everyday occurances, but really, really how often does it happen to you? Am I just a magnet for infidels? Some times I wonder.
I was talking to Whitney about the 4 way stop signs teaching us patience...Photobucket
Maybe God is teaching me patience. I know that as christians, we still have the same emotions as people in the world , but we are called to handle things differently, sometimes I don't. When SHOULD we say something? When should we follow through and tell the truth in LOVE?

When should we stand up for things that are right? The bible says we WILL be persecuted for HIS sake.
John 15:20
Remember the words I spoke to you: 'No servant is greater than his master.' If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also.
I'm not so sure I understand what this is saying.

I think I'm getting off the subject.

O well. I'm gonna try to start blogging my flusterations with the world because writing about things is supposed to help. We'll see!

My prayer today is:
That the Lord would bless the girl in the white truck and convict her of her mean-ness. But that He would also convict me of my anger (and He has) and forgive me of my sin of anger. Lord I pray that you would make me more like YOU!

O and by the way Whitney performed at "Country Fest" this past Saturday and did a fine accoustic set.

After she sang, I went home and let Rudy and her walk around a bit. Rudy bid on some paint in the Kawanis auction, and won...wonder what he's gonna paint?
Then we came home and Jessica watched Ricky while Rudy and I took Whitney to work, from 4-9, and Rudy and I had some alone time , which is RARE!


angelonwheels said...

Thanks for your honesty expressed in your post. This is a Big struggle of mine to allow myself to feel anger, but not sin in the process! Hugs! Thank you for commenting on my post.

Gramma 2 Many said...

AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!! Some drivers make me so angry! Always have to remind myself to remain above them.
$60.00 for JEANS!! I felt like I was splurging when I bought Levi's for $30.00 last month. Oh to be a kid again:)

Dee said...

LOL. I love your posts. I can relate somewhat to your driving experience's. I hate getting the stays with me for awhile. I accidentally almost side swiped a car when easing into a right turn lane. The car was in my blind spot. The look i got from the man could have frozen hell. But i didn't take it to seriously as he had a huge ice cream cone in his left hand and a mouth full of ice cream so i couldn't understand what he said to me. I just went ..yuck.. asked the Lord to forgive me for scaring him and for the Lord to forgive him for his anger and not having both hands on the wheel.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

LOL Dee you made me chuckle!!

Washer Mom Val said...

Oh I can relate too. Your honesty is great. Just recently at the State Fair I made some kids who thought they could join a few friends when they were a bunch of 7 just cut in front of us when we'd waited in line forever go to the back of the line. RUDE....then I admonished some kids who were being mean to another child. I know I embarassed my oldest, but I also taught them that this behavior isn't acceptable and I'd expect someone to correct them too if they behaved that way!

Whitney said...

motherrrr dearest!
heyy its me again just thought id say hey:) you forgot the part about the story when you hoonked at the lady in front of us whos kid was my friend:)
bahaha! illlyy

Whitney said...
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Mamaw 2 6 said...

Kuncle John smiled :)real big with 2 thumbs up!!!

bringing up boys said...

I had alot of catching up to do today, read all your posts of late. I remind myself that for some reason, they believe themselves to be of higher importance than others and that makes me sad instead of angry. I do find myself correcting other peoples kids often, and on occasion, it has lead to some real rough relations, but I need my boys to see that behaviors have an effect on more than just themselves. Keep up the good work. run the good race!

bringing up boys said...

Oh, and I NEVER buy $60.00 jeans, but this year I gave D his own school clothes budget and he blew the whole thing on three items. an $80.00 sweatshirt! The cost of being "cool"!