Thursday, July 28, 2005

Today was the day that I birthed 2 babies...Matthew Scott on 7/28/81 and Whitney Rene' on 7/28/93. This is a very happy day for me. Whitney celebrated her b-day on Monday . She had lots of friends over for a pool party and we had karaoke on the deck. We got her her own phone line. ( good or we take it away.) We had dinner tonight with Matt, Missy , her parents, Mark , Michael and Kelly, Kaleb and Alli were there too, we went to coffee Landing (Matt LOVES seafood) I think they had good birthdays! Then when I got home Chad called, I'm so glad I was here to get his call. He is ...ok he hasnt been calling much and I miss him and worry so when I dont hear from him, but he said he dont want to run our phone bill up, He is a very considerate boy.
Were packing for Florida, we leave Saturday. Michael , Kelly and Kaleb have never been, they are excited. Ive been looking for a church to attend Sunday, so far no luck.

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