Sunday, August 07, 2005

Well were home from "sunny Florida" yeah right , it rained every day that we were there, from the 30th til yesterday the 6th. It was an ok time, I enjoyed my sister and John, but the weather kinda put a damper (no pun intended) on everything. Yesterday morning we woke up to torrential rain and we were trying to get ready to leave, Rudy was snappy, I was snappy, I went outside to go smoke and drink a cup of coffee, I was gonna go to the shower hut so I could stand under the eaves so that I wouldnt get so wet. I was walking hurridly and hit a wet patch of moss on the ground and slipped and fell right on my behind. Man it hurt , but not as bad as it hurts today. I think I hit so hard my teeth rattled!I also scratched my right ankle up, I dont know how, but there is 2 bad cuts!I certainly feel 46 today. I can barely move.
We sure heard a good message today. Bro Dan talked about how people say "I'm a christian" and they are not really. He said "if you were charged with being a christian, is there enough evidence to convict?" Kinda like my saying if there is life, there will be signs of life.
I went to see Chad after church, he was sad, I kept asking what was wrong , all he could say is I'm tired of this I wanna go home. I told him to use this last month to get strength, to walk the straight and narrow when he gets out. I wish I had words for him, but I dont.
Well, I'll write more later , its time for church.

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