Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Good morning...Ive just been blessed by psalm 73...There was a post on M/R about why bad things seem to always happen to Gods people, and I had been reading the psalm, I never post on M/R but I kept reading psalm 73 , and thinking to myself, this is the answer to the question that the thread starter had asked. So I posted it , the whole chapter, then went to the new articles section and there was an article about the very same Psalm...It blessed my heart! I printed it and am sending it to Chad this morning.
Thats another story... I went to the jail yesterday to visit Chad , and there is a set of rules for visiting, they are as follows: NO CELL PHONES, NO PURSES OR BAGS, NO MID-DRIFT SHIRTS, FINGERTIP LENGTH SHORTS, AND SKIRTS,NO REVEALING CLOTHING. I have always abided by their rules and would never break their rules, I always go in with a cup with the bottom cut out (to stick in the little box where you talk and hear, because it helps you to hear better without having to bend over and put your head in, and I perish the thought of all those germs!!!)a lysol wipe( cause its always so nasty in there) and a pack of cigarettes , a lighter and my keys. Well when I got to the jail I overheard the jailer tell a lady "you cant take that cup in there"...even tho it is just to improve sound, he said dont take it in, so I put mine in the trash , no questions asked. Even tho I have been going and preforming the same rituals since May. I noticed that the jailer talking was Dixon, he has a history of messing with Chad, and I cant stand for him to look at me , or Chad, let alone talk to me, hense the reason for me just throwing the cup away, with out any lip (which is rare for me). So 2:30 comes which is the alloted time I am supposta go in for my 30 minute visit. Chad comes out to window 19 and sits down and we start talking and visiting and this jailer (Dixon) comes around, hesitates beside my window then stops and says, you cant have those cigarettes in here...It took me by surprise because I always do the same thing, have been for months.He told me I'd have to go take them to my car, I told him If I go to my car, my visit would be over by the time I got back, dont get me wrong I'm not completely innocent here, I dont like Dixon, and I really DONT want him bothering me during my visit , especially when I've dont nothing wrong, so I've got an attitude, I tell him why dont you leave me alone, he tells me to take the cigarettes out or loose my visit, I say go get your supervisor, so he does, while hes gone other visitors ask me , whats he saying , I told them and they say, "WHAT!!! no cigarettes in here?" that must be his new rule". Any way..., the supervisor comes in all professional like and says to me" whats the problem , and I tell her what has gone on, I tell her" everybody in here has cigarettes" she strolls through and comes back and says, nobody in here has cigarettes( probly cause they've all hidden them after hearing whats going on with me). She rolls her eyes at the jailer, and without another word, leaves. As soon as she exits, the jailer turns back to me and says "your visit is cancelled" I just look at Chad and say "I'm sorry son, I love you" and I leave. I go to the foyer , then I say to the jailer , is this a new rule? He says you need to leave, I say ,get me a lieutenant, he says the sergeant has already said for you to leave, I tell him , Ive been coming , doing the same thing for months , and now its against the rules, get me a lieutenant, he says you need to leave the premises now or I will arrest you! So I leave. I want to call the lieutenant but I dont want to make waves for Chad. So I call the lawyer, she says "it sounds like hes pickin on you because your Chads mother, you did the right thing, just dont take cigarettes the next time." and I wont but it dont seem fair, I see people all the times scantily dressed, with cell phones, even playing ringtones , who NEVER get questioned.
Lord I pray for the grace to get through this, I pray that you'll bridle my tongue. Thank you for Psalm 73.

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