Thursday, August 11, 2005

I heard a good bible study on psalm 51 this morning on inspeak. Seems like God always gives me just what I need.
We had a good bible study last night at matts house. We replayed the sermon from Sunday morning, it was very good. Christopher was there...praise God. I made chicken spaghetti it was good too. Mama wasnt feeling well, not sick at her stomach, but running fever. I tried to call her this morning but they wernt home.
Yesterday I went to the bank with Kelly to see about them getting a loan to move, then went and got Chris' clothes and washed them for him. Kelly and I shared a sandwich at brunos.It was a busy day. I still have to take Whitney school shopping. Rudy is taking Jessee shopping now, they are at baskins Rudy said Jessee wants to be a cowboy this year. I guess it could be worse.
Gotta get busy. Blessing to any who read this

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