Thursday, July 21, 2005

well I always said I wouldnt do a blog...but here goes...

My Name is Glenda, I live in Texas , Ive been saved by the grace of My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and I just wanted to let ya'll know how He is molding and making me into what ever I'll someday be!

We moved to our present address last October, and we finally got a contract on our other house so, we have to go clean it! Rudy (my DH) asked my daddy (Preston , who's 79) if we could borrow his trailer to go haul off the remaining stuff in the house, Daddy said he'd help us on Thursday, thats today, so this morning at 8 am Daddy called and said he was on his way to the other house. I got up and got dressed and Rudy woke up our angel daughter (Whitney) who is going to be 12 on the 28th, next week. Well she started her usual complaining and fussing , not wanting to get up. Rudy said we had better take 2 cars cause Daddy would be there waiting, so he and Whitney went ahead. I hung out at the house and drank a cup of coffee, read the paper for a few minutes , had a phone conversation with my brother (Buster), then got in my red hot Jetta ( with the black bra) and left. We took the remainder of the furniture to Daddys trailer and instead of taking it to the dump, Daddy suggested we take the trailer to my Uncles trailer park and let the less fortunate people have the stuff we didnt want or need...What a nice thoughtful gesture, my daddy is just like that. I love him.

My daughter in law, Missy ( the wife to my soon to be 24 year old son Matt! He was born on the same date as Whitney...12 years apart) called and reminded me that I was supposta go to the mall with her (oops ...I forgot) to help her pick out a dress for Sunday church, shes singing a solo Sunday morning. I explained to her that I had over booked myself, I apologized to her, and she understood. Shes a sweet girl. Mother to my grandson's Luke,7, and Adam,3, and the newest , and first GRANDAUGHTER, Allison Elise 3 months.

We continued to load the trailer and sweep and clean, and my phone rang again, this time it was Kelly, (the wife to my 3rd son Michael 22 and mother to my 3rd grandson Kaleb) just wanting to chat , and to get the address of the county jail where my 4th son, Chad 20 is presently serving time for messing up his probated sentence ,for getting caught smoking pot in a drug free school zone (thats a story for another day) anyway Kelly was getting his address so she could write him to try to cheer him, shes a very sweet girl. I gave her the address , and thanked her for thinking of Chad.

Then my phone rang again this time it was Veronica, Rudy's baby sister, my sister-in-law/ daughter, she is 25 (mother to Chelsie 5 and Chloe 2) she has some type of illness, where anytime she gets an infection anywhere in her body from sore throat to stye in her eye or anything else, she gets symptoms like rheumatoid artheritis, also if she consumes alcohol, her body attacks itself. I have seen her so sick , where she cant walk or hold anything in her hands. She just called to tell me that she is feeling bad. Her boyfriend , Jason 27 got his hand caught in a machine at work last friday, we were worried that they might have to amputate, but they saved the hand ,altho were not sure what kind of use he will have of it.Any way...I got off the phone with her, and tried to get busy again, when my phone rang again, this time it was my oldest son Christopher (27) he called to tell me that he had asked his girlfriend of 5 &1/2 months to marry him. Her name is Jennifer (20) We talked for a while and he told me , he never wanted to be away from her, ever. He said he wants a normal life , like his brothers. I pray for the Lord to save him.

We finally got through loading the stuff and Rudy asked Daddy & Dorothy (my step-mother) if we could buy them lunch, Daddy said he'd take a rain check, hes like that, he never wants anything in return, I sure love my Daddy!

So Rudy Whitney and I went to Schlotzsky's for lunch, it was good, and Whitney was actually pleasant ...Then we parted, Rudy headed home and I went to my mama's house, I usually try to clean her house a couple times a month because she is a cancer patient and she has been really sick lately. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1978, and her life since then, has been 1 battle after another. My Mother is probably the strongest person I know. She has lymphodema in her left arm and has no use of it at all. She rarely complains and if the church doors are open , she is there with Fred (my step-dad) He takes such good care of her. She fully relies on the Lord and I do see Jesus in my mama, she is a great example. Anyway, I cleaned her house which wasnt really dirty, but she feels better when she knows its clean , and it makes me happy to do things for her, she doesnt ask for much. She lives next door to Matt and Missy and about half way through cleaning ,Matt came over, he had just gotten out of school, he's gonna be a nurse anesthitist...someday.I visited with him for awhile and then he said he had to go to walmart, so I got back to cleaning. Mama's phone rang so I answered it, It was my sister Carol, she lives in Dalhart Tx.She was calling to check on Mama, so I told her Mama had gone to Houston , to see a dr. about pain management. So we talked for awhile, she said she had gotten a letter from my Chad...I miss him so much, I will be so glad when he gets out. She read the letter to me, he seems to be growing closer to God. I hope its real, I hear "everybody finds Jesus in jail". But Chad is a christian , I know his heart, I believe that God put him there, to get him to where He wants him to be! I pray he gets out In Gods time, when God feels like hes stronge. Hes supposta get out sept 6th. If anybody reads this please say a prayer for my Chad...Well I finally get off the phone with Carol and my other sister Mary Ellen from Houston Tx. calls and tells me that Mama and Fred are on their way home, she said that Mama has decided that the drs at home can do anything that the drs at md anderson can do for her. Shes probably right... If anyone is reading this , please pray for my Mama!I finishes cleaning and kick down the temperature on the A./C. so that it will be cool when they get home. I notice that Matt and Alli are in the car port , talking, such a pretty baby, such a proud daddy! I love Matt, and Alli!

I see Missy out in the yard with Luke and Adam and a little friend, I speak to her, apologize again for not going to the mall with her, then I pick up a piece of sidewalk chalk and instruct Adam to let me draw him...He is so trusting such a sweet boy, after I draw him, Luke wants me to draw him, so I do...they proudly look at their silouettes on the driveway. I love those boys, I love Missy too! Well after I kiss my way around them ,( for the 3rd time) I get back in my red car and head for home . I'm tired...I wanna finish tellin about my day thus far, but I'm too tired. Rudy has a neck hurts...Whitneys on the phone again! I'll try to write tomorrow.

Thank you Lord for all my loved ones, thank you for this another beautiful day, thank you for saving my soul. I love my Lord Jesus .

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