Saturday, July 23, 2005

Well yesterday was a fair day. I went to the jail to see Chad, he was ok, I say that to mean , he is content, knowing that all he can do is wait out his time. Hes always smiling a very glad to see me at the first of our 30 minute visit, but by the time I get ready to leave he seems upset. Preterbed, is a better word, agitated. Hes always nice , polite and tries to be upbeat, he does'nt want to upset me anymore than he knows I already am. I'm glad. I dont want him to get comfortable there. I told him that Rudy and I were gonna get him a single bed for that small room, cause we cant take the big room away from Jessee (16 year old step-son) altho the furniture in there is Chads, but I'm afraid I'd be pushing Rudy to ask Jessee to give up the room, so I wont. Rudy is good to my boys. Thank you Lord!
Chris and Jennifer came over for awhile yesterday while I was at the jail, but had to leave before I got home :( but he did tell me on the phone, "I'll see you at church tomorrow , mama" I pray God will give him ears to hear.
Veronica and Jason were here most of the day, she is sick, not real bad , but bad enough to need help with the girls. Chloe is a ring tail tooter! She is so cute , but sneaky, and she knows just the right times to say " I love you aunt Glenda" that really makes it hard for me to scold her.
Jason asked me if I could bandage his hand, I did after I got back from the jail, that boy is lucky to even have a hand at all, well really his hand is ok , its his wrist It was almost severed, and probly wont function anymore. I bet he has 200 stitches in it.
Chris Cagle (Veronica's ex- and daddy to Chelsie and Chloe, in the Army, serving in Korea.) has begun to call Veronica, hes trying to be all non- shilant (sp) and askin for his girls, but I see through him. He will be home 2 days before Chad gets out. Hes heard that Veronica hasnt left Jason's side and NOW hes worried, hes just always thought he'd come home and take her away , and she's not responding to him, so NOW he's having second thoughts about not wanting her. My opinion is that hes ALWAYS wanted her, but he's trying to please his mama, and playing all hard , and its backfired! O well ,if your reading this ,Pray for all 3 of them and especially those little girls, What a mess!
Whitney spent the night with the little girl who lives behind us, I'm SURE she acted fine and was polite , cause she always does with other people...I just took the sheets off her bed to wash. She wont be happy about that, cause she'll have to put clean ones on, but she'll get over it. Shes really gonna be upset when I tell her to clean out her drawers, but shes gonna do that today too! She is all excited about her birthday, Were getting her her own phone line, I hope we dont regret it, but she has so many little girls calling , we just want our phone back! She is having a swim party monday, with hot dogs and karaoke...she has invited lots of little girls.
I talked to mama for a while yesterday, she's not feeling so hot. I pray she feels better. Dorothy called to tell me that people were so excited to get our stuff off the trailer... she said some old man was so excited to get that old bed, even the mattress, and it was bad... I guess our trash WAS somebodys treasure.
Oh well I'm gonna go pick figs... I told several of the women at the jail visitation yesterday I'd bring them some tomorrow, I just hate for them to go to waste, and I can only eat so much... Sounds like Rudy is waking up.

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Lodykaja said...

I really enjoy your blog. It makes me feel like I have talked to you. I know you have a very busy life and don't like to talk on the phone much so this is a good compromise. I really do love you alot. I have really wonderful sisters. I also have a wondeful brother if he would let himself be.