Thursday, August 18, 2005

It was yet another busy day! I took Terri , my friend cindy's sister ,to her after care meeting. I left here at 8:am , got her there by 9 stayed the first hour with her, then went to matts, helped Missy with dishes and fed Alli, then bathed her . I felt kinda obligated to help Missy clean up cause our bible study last night was great and there were lots there, Matt and Missy, Me and Rudy, Michael and Kelly, Chris and jennifer,Baby and Krissy , Veronica and Jason, Cindy and Jack, Mama and Fred, and Terri, and all the kids! It was a house full and we ate brisket, potato salad, mac and cheese, purple hulls, and seasoned pintos, then pumpkin pie to top it all off, anyway Missys house was a bit messy, so I helped a little. After I did that, I went and picked Terri up and Rudy met me at Matts and we left my car at Mamas and took Terri home. Then we went to Lubys for lunch, then Rudy dropped me off and I cleaned mamas house , while her and Fred were in Dallas at the VA. I got home around 4:15 and Rudy had swept and mopped for me. I decided to write a little, cause I cant get on pal-talk, I think its messed up. Anyway............I'm gonna sign off for now, gotta get busy around here, tomorrow is jail day. Today is the 18th, Chad has 19 days left!!!

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