Friday, October 07, 2005

Its been almost a month since Ive blogged...My life is so busy.
We worked the fair with Rudys parents for a week , it was alot of work , but fun. Whitney entered the talent contest and won...1500.00 WOW, thats alot of money for a little girl. She can sing tho, I mean she is good, God gave her a beautiful voice!
My friend Richard got arrested (again ) I think he is one of those for ever criminals. He cant stay out of trouble. I think his life is better locked up, so he cant hurt anybody. Apart from the drugs , he cant hurt anybody, its just that when he falls, he totally falls. I do love him, in the Lord, and I pray that his life will be productive for the Kingdom of God, in prison.I may go to the jail to see him today, just so I can hear with my ears , what happened.
I cleaned mamas house Tuesday, they are ok, but she is getting so weak. I also went by to see daddy and I played Whitneys talent search tape for them. They liked it. Daddy was painting some gooey junk on his roof. I told him to just call a roofer and get his roof redone. He said they want 4000. to reroof and he wont pay it. I begged him...he said NO flat out. Maybe I should get my sisters and brother and brother-in-laws to get together and re-roof it for him...hummmmmm thats an Idea!
I have to fix Whitneys c.d. for her performance tomorrow at the Country fest, she has to sing for 25 minutes. woo-hoo, shes a star!!!
Rudy is going to Mexico with his mother next Tuesday...I miss him already.
I'll write more later

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