Saturday, September 03, 2005

..Long time no blog..I guess Rudys right when he says I cant stick to anything.. I could make excuses, or I could just say , blogging is not a priority. I have been busy, trying to get Chads room in order, cleaning...( this place is gettin out of hand) also Baby and Krissy have been coming over regularly again , heres a picture of baby Peighton...he was 3 months on the 26thof aug. He's a hefty cutie, he is 6 weeks younger than Alli, heres a pic to compare. They are both so cute, and they both smell like babies are supposta smell. They have good mamas.Anyway, back to the subject at hand...Chris Cagle is supposta be here Sunday, after 18 months of being in Korea, this is gonna be a whole mini series! Then Chad is due to be released TUESDAY!!! Please pray for these 2 situations.
Wednesday , Mark called me and told me his fiance's son in law killed himself, it was grusome, and enough for Debbie (his fiance') to cancel their wedding again...HE should cancel HER! Hes too good a guy for her to be stringing along.(My humble opinion)
Matt is struggling with algebra, well , not really struggling , but he says there is no reason to it. Michael and Kelly are still trudging along on getting their house. They should close and take posession on the 30th, but they have to be out of Busters place on the 15th, so theyre gonna have to rent a storage facility for their things , and stay with someone,(Matt or Mark) until they can move in. Things seem to be going ok for Chris, he put in his application for Kelly Springfield, Jennifers dad is on the hiring committee, so if he can pass the drug test, it looks pretty good for him.
Whitney got her trumpet and seems to like practicing, she is also back at her voice lessons, and seems to feel good about herself as far as being in the 6th grade again.If I could just get her to be more responsible!!!
I went to see daddy thursday. We watched the news together and discussed the "hurricane". He is doing fine healthwise, so is Dorothy.
Mama and Fred are o.k. as well, Fred has had a bad cold , but he said he is feeling better. Mama didnt take her treatment this week, she wanted to take a month off, but the dr. said he wouldnt advise it, and said "just take a week" so she did.
We have so much to be thankful for , I mean I see those dis placed people on the news and I feel kinda guilty cause I'm cool and comfortable, and I tell you what I sure dont have ANYTHING to complain about. The Lord is so good. I pray that HIS glory be revealed through this tragedy. I pray for the sheep.I love you Lord Jesus!

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