Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I have yet another busy day ahead of me today! We have to go to the bank, then walmart and I want to go see my daddy today too. I would also like to drive around and look for Michael and Kelly a place to live...Time is running out, they have to be moved by the 15th. Buster has sold that place. I need to just quit worrying.
We had a good day yesterday, I went to see Chad @ 1:00, I didnt get in to see him till 2:00 #6 window. He came in , sat down , and said 2 weeks today mama. I said I know Chad, I know everyday, Ive got this mental countdown going. He doesnt understand that , even tho He has been physically locked up, I have been mentally locked up, right along with him! Man I hope he does right when he gets out, he wont have any drivers licence , no job, he'll owe the probation office, the tickets ($565.) no grants for school, ect...but he wont be in jail...I like that saying I saw on a marque not long ago that said" A smooth sea never made a skillfull sailor" Because Chad has definatly been in "rough" waters!
Oh well, I got home and Veronica and Jason were here with the girls, Kelly was here with Kaleb, and Kelly told me that Missy was on her way... I watched the kids while they went and looked at a couple houses, man I'm getting old...Lucas is the age Chris was , Adam and Kaleb are the ages Matt and Michael were and Alli is the age of Chad and I cant keep up! I must be getting old. I try, but it wears me slap out!! Well and it dont help that my tail bone is still hurt, it is very hard and painful for me to get up or down. Well anyway, Missy said that Matt was coming too, then Baby, Krissy, and Peighton came in...Full house! I sent Missy and Veronica to the store to get lunch meat , bread ,& chips, so thats what everybody ate. Then after supper we karaoked, (I'm not sure about that word, maybe, we sang karaoke.) It was fun ,Luke sang I can only imagine...He can sing. And of course Whitney...shes like having a professional singer in the house!
Rudy was in a bad mood all night, everytime we were alone, he'd say "I wish they'd go home" . Hes been having lots of bad headaches, but wont even consider going to a doctor. I guess I'm as dumb as him cause he's said "doctors only give bad news , so many times I dont want to go again either!
I took lots of pictures and will post some later when we dump our memory card. In the meantime , have a blessed day!

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