Saturday, October 22, 2005

Somebody told me I had been tagged... when your tagged your supposta put (your name ) needs, in your google search, minus the parenthesis, then put the results on your blog, and elaborate on the one's that may or may not be true...sounds simple goes
1.GLENDA needs your help. If you have a few hours per month to spare and are well is'nt this the truth...I do need HELP!
2.GLENDA needs a few new recruits! Noooo, I dont need any more recruits...I already have a house full!
3.Glenda needs an occupational license from the state department of cosmetologybefore she can open up her beauty shop. somebody psychic??? I do cut hair and I dont have a license, but wait i dont want a license, or a beauty shop!
4.... but Glenda needs a man around and just can't bring herself to leave. Now this is really funny, I have a daddy, a step dad, a husband (rudy), 4 sons, 2 stepsons 3 grandsons, 6 brother-in-laws, 3 nephews,maybe it should read, because there are so many men around Glenda NEEDS to leave.
5.Glenda needs no introduction. yeah well my mouth usually preceeds me, people usually hear me before they see me.
6.But Glenda's mother, Edie (alias Thora Hird) isn't happy. Is Barry really theexecutive type who will satisfy all Glenda's needs? Well maybe my mama has another alias, Jackie... but I doubt it, I dont think i'd go anywhere near this website...
7. Visitor was askedto provide an independent report on Glenda's views, needs and wishes.Now thats 1 report I'd like to read
8.By watching video sequences and selecting what to say and which questions to ask,job applicants probe Steve and Glenda's needs, well this one makes absolutely no sense to me, I dont even know how to comment.
9.Glenda had special needs, and the transition at age 35 was not going to be ...NO, I dont wanna be 35 again...but you know I do have some special needs, lol mental needs!
10.Glenda needs some water (beer) ...HAHAHA, yeah right,all ya'll who know me, know better!
OK I'm done , that was kinda fun!

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