Thursday, January 26, 2006

Good morning!
We had a busy day yesterday! Michael had to put his car in the shop for some minor repairs, so we went and picked Kelly and Kaleb up and took them to Matt and Missys. Kaleb has been sick,he's such a sweet , mis-understood boy! You know how people always say "he's just being a boy..." well thats Kaleb, he's the poster child for "A BOY". I left Noah at Missy's while I went over to see about Mama. She is very sick, I think it is a strain of the flu. I visited her for awhile then I went back to Missy's to see my "kids" Adam is such a sweet boy, its funny there personalities are like stepping back in time to when Matt and Michael were little , add Luke and you have Chris. And then there is Allie, such a sweet , good baby! Well I played with them awhile then ran back over to Mama's and said goodbye and we came home. Before long Ricky came home then Whitney and Chelsie , then Whitney and I cleaned her closet out. She has been growing so much here lately , she does'nt have any thing that fits her. It upsets me cause all the clothes I bought at the start of the school year dont fit anymore. Rudy told me to bag them up so that he can take them with him when he goes to Mexico in October, so I did.
We then started getting ready for church. Veronica came to babysit ,or should I say Ricky sit, and we headed off for church.
We studied the 4th chapter of Ruth, man it is so good. It is a picture of Christ. Boaz being Ruths kinsman redeemer. Such a lovely story. Anyway Rudy had set the vcr to record american idol, and after we got home we settled in to watch it , only to discover Chloe had turned the vcr off...Oh well I guess we didnt need to watch it anyway.
Ive been putting cereal in Noah's bottles and I think its helping him to not spit up so much, this is my 1st bottle baby...The breast is spitting up!
Ive gotta get busy, Ya'll have a blessed day!

My sheep
(J. C. Ryle, "The Privileges of the True Christian")"
My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me." (John 10:27)This verse gives the character of true Christians. 1. God's children, His real believing people, are compared to sheep, because they are gentle, quiet, harmless and inoffensive; because they are useful and do good to all around them; because they love to be together, and dislike separation; and because they are very helpless and wandering and liable to stray.2. Jesus calls them "My sheep," as if they were His peculiar property. "Mine," He would have us know, by election; "Mine" by purchase; and "Mine" by adoption. 3. Christ's sheep hear His voice, they listen humbly to His teaching, they take His word for their rule and guide.4. Christ's sheep follow Him, they walk in the narrowpath He has marked out, they do not refuse because it is sometimes steep and narrow--but wherever the line of duty lies they go forward without doubting.

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