Sunday, January 29, 2006

We had lunch at church today, it was good, the fellowship was good.
Mama and Fred were there, she seemed to be feeling better. I talked to her yesterday and found that her vision has been doubled , she has had a low grade fever, her blood pressure was 106 over 60 wednesday at the doctor,she has been dizzy, her head is congested to the point that it feels heavy, and she heard that breast cancer can go to the brain. I think I'd feel anxious too...But praise the Lord, she feels some better, the double vision is gone (for today)Ya'll pray for my mama. She is 76 years old and she has had her fair share of sickness in her lifetime. I personally dont think the cancer'll get her, she's fought it too long. I just pray for grace and mercy for her for today!
I think we've decided to get rid of Millie, she reached up on Whitneys dresser and pulled her I-pod shuffler off and chewed it up. She has'nt chewed anything in a long time,she is certainly in her cage or outside these days!
I fixed barbequed (crock pot) chicken, broccolli and cheese and rice, and a lemon cake for 5th Sunday. Mama fixed banana pudding and some corn. Missy fixed chicken pot pie (yummy) and a pecan pie, Kelly fixed a bunch of deviled eggs. It was a great meal.
Rudy has lost 20 lbs and he had a hard time "eating lite " at church, but he managed.
I stayed in the nursery during service so Kelly could hear the sermon. We had lots of sweet babies.
Chase comes and gets Noah out of my car and I dont even have a baby at church. He takes total care of him. He is a good daddy.
Hav'nt heard a word from Chris of Chad since Christmas...I miss them.
Gotta get busy


Carol said...

Sounds like ya'll had a great meal yesterday. Wish I could have been there!

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