Monday, January 23, 2006

Rudy has lost 18lbs...I am happy for him but flusterated cause I starve I loose 1# However I have lost 7 (being honest) since the first of the year. Thats just not eating fast food with him, cause he's eating lean cuisine's,(no thank you) Ive been just eating some cottage cheese here, some soup there, but I am perfectly content, and drinking WATER, Water, Water, We even got one of those water machines (like I remember Aunt Burr having) partially for us to drink and partially so I wont have to boil baby bottles,it sure is handy.
The baby is fine, he is sweet, I wish I had had this patience when I had my own babies. I need to go see daddy today, I havent seen him in a week and 1/2. I also need to go see mama, They were'nt at church yesterday. Fred was'nt feeling very good and was coughing alot. I will as soon as I get up and around.
We sure heard some good preaching yesterday. The preacher re-preached "Us and Them" so that he could put it on the internet, you can find it here: scroll down to sermons page. it should be there sometime this week. Then last night was "Election and Responsibility" I think they're gonna put it on the web too. It was very good also.
I hear Noah stirring, time to get the baby! Have a blessed day.


heather said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes! I love Vocal Union, Acappella, Rescue, NoJoe (the list goes on and on), awe-inspiring words, jaw-dropping harmonies, what's not to love?

Good luck on your weight-watchin, and stop by anytime!

Carol said...

Sounds like ya'll are doing good!

Hey, tell Rudy I'm getting ready to put my motorcycle on EBay. He said at one time he might like to buy it. Last chance! $5,500

Love ya,