Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I am astonished(A Puritan Prayer)
O bottomless Fountain of all good, I am astonished at the difference . . . between my receivings--and my deservings, between the state I am now in--and my past gracelessness, between the heaven I am bound for--and the hell I merit.Who made me to differ, but You? I could not have begun to love You, had You not first loved me.O Lord, I am astonished that . . .such a crown should fit the head of such a sinner!such high advancement be for an unfruitful person!such joys for so vile a rebel!Let 'wrath deserved' be written on the door of hell,but the 'free gift of grace' on the gate of heaven!Let Your love draw me nearer to Yourself. Wean me from sin, mortify me to this world, and make me ready for my departure hence. Secure me by Your grace as I sail across this stormy sea.

I got this off "Grace Gems" and it really fit the prayer that I wish I had prayed! It just fit the way I have been feeling lately, so I thought I'd share it.
Noah is up and Smiling this morning, something about a happy baby just touches my heart.
I'm listning to "A famine in the land" here: http://gracebaptist-tyler.us/
Wow , such truth!
Ive gotta get busy . Ya'll have a blessed day.


Carol said...

I really like that. Who wrote it?

Denise said...

I LOVE THAT PRAYER!!!!! Thanks Glenda!

Glenda, saved by grace said...

I dont know hon, I get an e-mail every day from Grace gems, it didnt say who wrote it. I get them from here http://www.gracegems.org/Devotionals.htm