Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The whole crew on thanksgiving
Rudy and Whitney right before she performed R.E.S.P.E.C.T. at her 50's days program at school. She rocked the house!
Chris, Matt, Michael, Chad, with bubba teeth (there real teeth are perfect)
Kaleb, Michaels 2 year old, after he had helped himself to a piece of cake.
Here's Allie,Matts baby girl, she is 9 months old is'nt she a beauty!
This is Noah, Our little foster baby. He is 10 weeks old

This is Jesse's 17th birthday, in the background is me holding Kaleb, Kelly, Missy, Luke, Adam , and Whitney. The cake was all tore up cause while we were in the other room, Kaleb pulled up a chair and "had a piece" all by himself (see picture above ). Needless to say he did'nt get a piece when we cut it.

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Lodykaja said...

I love your pictures. You must have a really good photographer!! How is it that I have 2 siters that write really well??? I'm a pretty good reader, does that count?
Love you,
Your OLDEST sister.