Monday, February 06, 2006

Good Morning! We had a great service at church yesterday! Our pastor was out (he had his gall bladder removed) Bro Pounds preached and it was very good. Then Bro. Phil brought the message last night and did a very good job, on the Excellency of the LORD.
I picked Chelsie up cause Veronica called and said she wanted to go to SS, and took Veronica some pain pills. She is sick again! We have an appointment at Bethesda Clinic tomorrow. I'll be glad when they can diagnose her so that they can treat whatever it is that she has. She took Chelsie to Dr. Smith and she has strep throat!!! YUK.
Mary Ellen and John were here over the weekend, we had (as always) a good visit. Mama and Fred were both at church. Fred's blood pressure was elevated, but I think its under control again. Mama seemed to feel fine.
Buster called, he's supposta be leaving Janet (again) he needs me to help him find a place. I hope he's serious this time. He has no life, living with an alcoholic. He is definatly co-dependent. Pray for my brother, I love him.
Noah's aunt Kora came to the church to visit Sunday. Which is NOT the designated visiting area. ( Not to worship, just to see Noah then leave) Which disrupts my Sunday cause I am there to worship, and I have to stay with the baby when his family's around. Any way,Because this is NOT the designated visiting area, Rodger asked me , Do you want me to tell her, I said yes, so he asked her to leave. I could tell she was upset, so I gave her our phone # and said Kora you can come see him when you want , just call first and come on out. So Monday morning she did, I gave her directions and she came and stayed for about 2- 1/2 hours. Which was fine, I tried to explain about the church not being the place to visit and she said she understood.
I got the dreaded phone call from Mark Saturday, Chad got arrested and is back in jail. Another drug charge. He is in Henderson county jail, where he will face this charge, then he will be brought back to Smith county and face revocation charges for revoking his probation. Sooooooo We may not have Chad around for a good long while this time...I had'nt heard from him since Christmas anyway. I really didnt know he was doing dope again , but I suspected he was cause he dont come around when he's not acting right. Ya'll pray for Chad, pray for me , and Mark, he's taking this really hard. NOW Chad is calling me every day, Ive got to figure out a way to tell him he can't call me everyday, the phone call's are $5 every time he calls. I pray he grows up this time, Lord knows I cant deal with another Chris.
I started writing this on Monday, then lost half of it cause they were doing blog maintenance, so I'm posting it Tuesday, and still havnt blogged about half of the junk thats going on in my life, but I dont have the energy to write anymore...Ive got to write Chad, Richard, and Mrs. Gibbs who just moved to Cleveland Tx.
I want to go see Chad in Athens tonight, I hope it dont make Rudy mad.
:) I love you Rudy!
Whewwwww I think I feel better...since I got it all out (about Chad)
Ya'll have a blessed day.

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Lodykaja said...

I hope all these needy people realize how dedicated you are to trying to be there for them all. Try not to wear yourself too thin or you won't be able to be there at all...
I Love you my little sister.