Thursday, March 23, 2006

And again!

Lindale Early Childhood Center (ECC) will soon host its fifth annual Family Fun Night in April at Lindale Eagles stadium, bringing in a wide variety of fun-filled activities to the students and families of ECC to learn from and enjoy.Everything from chili dogs, chips, sodas, popcorn and ice cream will be available to treat those students who take time out to attend this newly reconstructed event set for Apr. 3.Over the years, Family Fun Night has seen quite a few changes. Many of those changes came for the better; some for the worst, but each one of those changes has led ECC to cross their fingers in hopes that this year's Family Fun Night will top them all!The evening's activities will focus on a number of educational and physical skills.The goal is to teach children how everyday activities help them grow.Subjects such as motor skills, science skills, social studies, reading and comprehension and physical health remain the focus of Family Fun Night, and with all of the events being hands-on, the families in attendance will get to enjoy the interactive learning experiences together.To add to the experience of learning through playing, the staff at ECC are going to include some activities that are just plain fun.Lindale's 12-year-old Whitney Rodriquez will be performing on stage for the night's entertainment while visitors test their luck in a Cookie-Walk sponsored by ECC's Parent Teacher Partnership (PTP) volunteer organization.The Hide-A-Way Squares will perform square dance routines while the Kiwanis cook up a storm making everyone a chili dog. They will also have chips and drinks to go along with the evenings dinner.Trinity Mother Frances Hospital will provide numerous activities and supplies to the event such as reading tents for the Kiwanis, an ambulance tour, a Bandage Barn where the students will get wrapped up with gauze and fake blood and tee-shirts.Walmart Lindale will paint faces and help with blowing giant bubbles while Fuji will provide a spin wheel featuring a multitude of prizes including free disposable cameras and coupons for film developing. Kodak will have free family portraits and Holland Engineering will have a Basketball Throw set up next to the Moon Jump.Lowe's will have tables arranged where students can learn what it takes to build items from scratch.And those who wish to take a break from all the fun can enjoy the hay ride that will be circling the field.Holly the Drug Dog will be on hand to show off her skills, while Lindale Police Chief Sherryl Bolton and his officers take fingerprints of the students.Dr. Pepper will sponsor the ring toss; ring a bottle, and take it home!There will be parachutes and bouncy balls swaying in time to music while Kimberly Boswell plays musical chairs and hands out some very special gifts.Lindale Varsity Football and Varsity Cheerleaders will be wandering around as well; handing out autographs and helping the visitors find their way.Pizza Inn and Doc's Pizza have donated coupons for the raffle and Dominos Pizza is providing free pizza by-the-slice along with other freebies.Mack's Fishing will have a casting game, with lots of prizes and Discovery Science Place will be bringing with them an interactive science project for the students to explore.The Easter Bunny will be on hand to delight the students while Goldenbrook Farms hands out treat after treat from their ice cream wagon.With so many activities planned for the entire student body and families of ECC, it'll be a night to remember.For more details, call Lindale Early Childhood Center at (903) 881-8180.

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Carol said...

Tell Whitney we're proud of her. But don't let all that fame go to her head! Just stay her sweet little self.