Saturday, April 08, 2006

Good Saturday Morning

Well it seems like forever since I blogged, so I want to take this time to say Hello to all my blogga buddies. I have been so busy these last couple of weeks, I had forgotten how much time a little baby takes, but now I remember (as I sit here with the baby monitor close by) Noah is fine growing like a weed, and so sweet.He really is such a good baby.
I have been going to the jail in Athens every Tuesday, visitation is Tuesdays and Sundays, I go Tuesdays, Mark goes Sundays. Its really a messed up visitation, you go and sign up from 3pm to 8 pm and visitation is 5 til 10pm. I go around 3, I get there around 4 and usually get to visit at about 8pm. until week before last when Chad got chosen to be sheriffs trustee. Hes kinda like the inter office gopher. He runs errands for the sheriff, lifts and takes down the flags,cleans the lobby and lobby restrooms ect... I guess you could say its not so bad for being in jail. The last couple of weeks I have visited him in the hallway or outside and I dont have to sign up. I just see him and we talk.I have also brought him a Whataburger the last couple weeks , so has Mark. He has court this next Thursday. Ya'll pray for Gods will in his life.
Whitney did the concert at ECC this past Monday and it was very good. She sang about 25 songs and knew the words and really sang well. You could tell at the end she was tired, but she was good. I had several people tell me shes the next Miranda Lambert, or Casey Rivers from Lindale. The constable told us that he had talked to Casey and he said that if Casey cant make it back, he wants Whitney to sing both nights at the rodeo. But if Casey makes it back, he wants to sing a duet with Whitney, wont that be fun. Whitney is so excited.
We had rehearsal dinner last night at eagles bluff country club, Rudy is an usher in Jonathan Johnson's wedding .Adam is his ring bearer, that was a big mistake cause Adam is so much cuter than the bride or groom! LOL, NO really! I hate going to places like that , they are so over rated. The food was really nasty. Matt, Rudy, and Miss said it was ok, but I'm just being was yuk. The spanish rice had chili powder in it. The meat was out of a package, and the tortillas were stale.It was buffet and probly about 25 dollars a plate. OVER-RATED! Sooooooo today is the wedding. Rudy has to be there at 3 I'm not going til 5:30... Veronica is keeping the kids (Ricky, Whitney and Noah)
I got up this morning and fed Ricky, fed Millie and fed Noah, then Millie got out and I had to go put her back in the yard, somebody had left the back gate open. Rudy is still sleeping , I'm trying to be quiet, he has'nt been sleeping very well.
The construction is finished in Ricky's room, it looks nice. It is big. I love the tile. I cant wait til Jesse moves out so we can open back up the dining room. In a couple years...
Hav'nt seen Mama or daddy this week, I feel like I'm neglecting them. I'm gonna try to do better next week.
Oh Lord, I've got to go to Athens cause Jennifer (Chris) is having her baby Monday (induction) And it is also Little Allie's 1st birthday! Then Tuesday is jail visitation, then Wednesday is Ricky and Jesse's ARD meeting to discuss their special needs, Thursday is Chads court, Friday the kids are out of school. Calgon, take me away!!!
I gotta get busy I hear Noah stirring around. Ya'll have a blessed day, and pray for me!

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