Tuesday, April 11, 2006

2 grand-daughters on the same day!

I got up early Monday morning and headed for Athens. Jennifer, Chris' wife was induced, so I wanted to be there to welcome the new arrival. Missy and Allison went with me, it was Allisons 1st birthday! What a sweet birthday girl. Kelly, Kaleb and Adam came at about 12:30 , and the party started! No really they were all pretty good for young kids in a hospital .Anyway Jennifer was induced at 7:00 and her labor progressed speedily. They told us at about 1:30 she was about ready to have it, and sure enough she did, 6lb 10 oz, Dolese Faith Farnham, that is pronounced" Da leesee" and its kinda growing on me. Mother and baby are fine. Chris was there and participated in the birth...Which was bitter sweet to me, and you know why. I gotta go make me some coffee... maybe I can get Rudy to put a couple of pics up for me!
God bless you! Have a nice day


Carol said...

Congratulations on the new arrival! Send pictures!


Lodykaja said...

Congratulations Granny!! That makes 5....Send pictures!

Jim Chosen said...

Glenda. Congratulations to you and Rudy on the birth of another grandchild.Your wonderful family is growing by leaps and bounds, as is the family of God through your faithful witness.
By His Grace,

Lodykaja said...

Where's the pictures???