Saturday, March 04, 2006

Good Saturday Morning!......................Its been a busy week , as usual! I'm trying to get my spring flowers out , but first Ive got to clear out the beds! Thats a big job. We've had workmen over here pouring a concrete slab, they are building a storage room in the back corner of our yard. Next they are gonna make Rickys room bigger! There gonna close in the side storage room and open up Chads old room, its gonna be one big room. Rudy's been "managing" Whitney. Shes doing a show for the early education school on April 3rd, 2 or 3, 20 minute sets. Meanwhile she has been having bad sinus problems and she's been whining "I cant sing anymore". She can, but her throat is real irritated.
Matt , Missy and kids and Kelly and Kaleb and Veronica and Jason and the girls were all here last night for pizza and Adams 4th b-day party. He is having a "real" party today at 5 at Kens, but we cant go cause we dont have a sitter for Ricky so we just did a mini party last night. We got him a bike. He loved it.
I talked to Daddy and Dotty yesterday, they are fine. busy as usual...Mama and Fred are ok , Freds been a little under the weather, but feels better.I hope mama dont get what ever he has. I talked to Chad last night @ 8. He is doing ok, he's not complaining.I dont know whats up with Michael here lately, he does'nt want to come around. Oh well Gods will be done! I gotta get busy...I hear Noah stirring. Have a great Saturday.

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