Monday, March 13, 2006

hum....once a week blogging?

Well its Monday already...time is flying bye. I wonder if the days have been shortened for the elect's sake? It sure feels like it. We've (as usual) had a very busy week. I still have a crick in my neck, its going on 4 weeks now, it moved to my back under my shoulderblade a while, but its back in my neck now. Its NOT unbearable, but annoying! I shouldnt complain when there is so much pain and suffereing in the world. Ok I wont ! forget what I said about my neck, scratch that, void, delete, members of the jury...forget what you heard! Yeah right. My neck hurts...pray for me. Thank you. Mama and Fred were at church yesterday, I went for the Lords supper and Sunday school, then I had to go to the nursery, we had 11 little kidlets. A couple of them were real screamers...I mean, the little boy I held was a screamer, I kept trying to comfort him, to no avail. I'm usually good with kids and I guess I did better than Rachel or Courtney, cause he would'nt even let them hold him. But I heard I missed a great sermon and bro. Phil baptised our new guy that joined and made his profession last week. I will hear it when it comes out on the web here:
We had Jennifers shower saturday, it was kinda thrown together, but Missy did a really good job, she had games and was quite the gracious hostess. Kelly helped alot , but being it was at Missy's house she really was a good little hostess. Jennifer got lots of nice stuff. I hav'nt heard from Chris in weeks...I love my daughters-in law, but they dont take the place of my boys, I think the boys think that, I need to set 'em straight!
My saturday started off terrible, I woke up and thought "its Chads birthday" and immediatly started weeping, uncontrollable, I mean I had to get out of the room cause I didnt want to wake up Rudy. I went into the bathroom and I prayed. Then I called the jail , I asked to speak to the jailer that knows of me (Barbara's daughter-in-law) she got on the phone and I told her, "I know this is dumb, but Chads last words to me Tuesday were "I'll call you Friday mama" and he didnt, and he didnt call his daddy Thursday, and the last time he just didnt call was when he had gotten sick and put into the hospital, and todays his birthday and if I could just know he's ok, it would be easier for me" and she replied "o he's here, he's just working outside now (thanks to her) she said he had mowed the grass on Friday and was a little sunburnt, but he was fine, and I asked her to tell him happy birthday and his mama loves him and she said"sure". I felt so much better after talking to her, still sad, but better...That song "I turned 21 in prison doin life without parole" kept going thru my mind , anyway about 30 minutes later I was changing Noah, and Rudy walked in with my cell phone, and I said who is it, and he said Chad... O thank you Lord, this was an answer to prayer! He said "hey mama, you called? Mrs. Nixon came and got me and told me you "need to call your mama" I was elated. I even told him about that song, but I told him it was a blessing that he is not doing life... God is so good and always faithful. He gives us what we need , when we need it, and He definatly knows best. Ive blogged enough...I hear Noah stirring.God bless ya'll. If you read this let me know, Thank you


Lodykaja said...

I did read your blog and was blessed to hear from my sister. I thought of Chad on his birthday and mailed him a birthday card. I hope he gets it. See you Wednesday.

Eileen~ said...

I read your blog as well and although I don't know your circumstances I do know that you are 100% right in that our God always gives us exactly what we need and He alone is faithful.

God Bless you!

Carol said...

I finally got an internet connection (for just a little while), and read your blog. I know it must be very hard, what you are going thru with Chad. I pray the Lord's will be done and I know it will be. Hang in there! Trust the Lord with all your heart.

And you know, your neck problems are probably stress-related. Give yourself a break!