Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Childhood Memories

Ive been thinking alot lately about my Granny...I want to write these memories down for my own enjoyment ,as well as for my sons and daughters to read. This is a picture of my Granny and my "Favorite"Aunt "Burr". The next one is Granny, My sister, Mary Ellen holding me and my sister Carol.
My memories are fading and it seems like I cant recollect as much as I use to, her name was Mary Theresa Jones Sommers and she was'nt very tall. I'm not sure how tall she was and she seemed round, but I think that was because I was really small. She had real long white hair and she platted it into 2 really long pig-tails then pinned it up and over her head very neatly. She would comb it at night and I remember thinking she looked like santa clause when it was all down over her face. She had the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen, (my mama has those eyes, so does Mary Ellen, and Ronnie and Chris) they were clear blue and I think the love in her eyes is what made them so pretty.I always felt like I was the favored grandchild, but I'm sure everybody else felt the same way...She loved me so much I just felt it. When we stayed at her house I always slept with her and she would hug and rock me til I fell asleep. We always prayed and she always wanted to know how I felt about Jesus, and she would tell me that He loved me and died for me.We talked about when she was a little girl and about her brothers and sisters.Sometimes I stayed with her by myself and I always felt like I was the center of her world. She didnt have any money but I didnt care I didnt even know what money was back then, it did'nt matter. You could'nt purchase what she gave me for any amount of money it was priceless!! I especially remember her house at 5516 Feagin st. in Houston (which is not even an address anymore) I remember the swing on the porch ,it was really a glider, but me and Buster and Granny spent countless hours out there gliding. I remember the plant across the street. I dont know what they made but there were always lots of people working there, and a bell or buzzer going off I guess at break time and at the start and close of each day. Granny was always sharing her wisdom with us. She always had bananas, in fact I always remember smelling bananas and something baking in her little kitchen.The bathroom smelled like noxzema, so did Granny or some kind of powder that she wore. The tub had legs and felt so big. I think the kitchen cabinet doors were glass ,I cant really remember. Her closets were just a corner of the room with a closet rod and a curtain over the clothes.She had 2 little bedrooms and the walls were covered in "artwork" that her grandchildren had colored and sent to her, I always looked and found mine. Her neighbors to the right were I think 2 sisters, one of them was Mrs. Higgins and they were kinda mean, Granny would'nt let us go over there much, I think she was afraid we would bother them. I think they were from Germany. I know one time I kicked Buster in the behind and I heard Mrs. Higgins say "she kicka hem in da butte". On the left was Mr and Mrs. Kopeckie they were from Checoslovacia (sp) Mr K. let me and Buster mow his yard with the push mover. They had red hair, they were nice.
Thats about all I remember of Grannys house. I do remember Mama getting letters from her and they always had 4 sticks of Juicy fruit gum in them for us kids. You could smell it in the mailbox. I looked forward to the letters, sometimes she had a letter for each of us kids, that was a big event...getting mail.

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Lodykaja said...

It was a company that built file cabinets. I also remember that her phone number (before 100 digit dialing of course) was UN#-####. The UN stood for the area she was in which was Underwood. I don't remember the whole number. It's funny the things you remember!!