Friday, May 26, 2006

Hello from Lindale texas

Well I have had a very busy last 2 weeks! ( Nothing unusual) Lots of things that have kept me away from the computer...We survived the rodeo. Whitney did very good .She sang a bunch of songs and she was just a little star. She is so pretty,see Meo's blog for details and pictures, (on the left scroll down til you see " Life of MEJK".) I was very anxious and as usual my nerves went crazy, I am some better, then on top of that they moved Chad back to Smith county and put him in the hes a hardened criminal or something!?!? I went to see him this past Tuesday and all the way to the jail , I asked God to calm me and to please , if it be His will, to let me find someone to help him. Then I was sceptical...Oh ye of little faith! When I got to the door to sign up, the FIRST face I saw was a girl named Holly , who had worked at Bruno's with Matt , Michael, and Chad! She asked what I was doing there and I proceeded to tell her about Chads troubles, she asked me where was he, I told her the dungeon, she said why? I said I dont know, she said I'm gonna get his folder and find out! I told her Chad had'nt recieved any of his belongings or a towel...Then the buzzer rang and it was time for my visit. Chad came out and didnt complain , he was happy to see me. We were visiting and I saw Holly at the back of the visitation room, Chad looked around and she chunked a clean towel to him! She was standing in the doorway of the visitation room talking to someone. Well the buzzer rang ending our visit , I said my good-byes , blew kisses told him to "Look to Christ" and I love you and left! The next day (Wednesday) Chad called me early and said " Mama I'm trustee" He said that Holly was talking to the Lieutenant and called Chad over as he was leaving the visitation room and told him to get his belongings out of the old cell and they moved him to a trustee tank. He never had to go back to the dungeon (to stay) That day he made trustee!!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Rudy went to court for Noah yesterday , Thursday, and it was typical family court, Chase, Noah's daddy is progressing in getting Noah, Jessica, Noah's mama is not. The Judge told her with her using meth like she is, she wont be around in 5 years, she'll be dead!
Mama is not feeling very well, she went to the doctor and she has to take some more chemo treatments. The nodule in her neck is growing again. Ya'll please remember my mama in your prayers.
My grandkids all came out to swim yesterday, except Kaleb who is coming today. I watched Dolese while Jennifer swam. She is a very alert baby, very pretty and at 6 weeks already turning over! I will post pictures soon.
Yesterday was Whitneys last day of school for the year, she had a friend spend the night last night, a sweet little girl named Karena , Rudy got them pizza. They stayed up half the night. I went in there and turned the tv off about 3am... They will be tired when they get up.
Jesse is moping around, sad and regretting disobeying his daddy! If he would have only listened to his daddy, he would'nt have wrecked his truck. Maybe he'll take this lesson with him.
Ive gotta go get busy, ya'll have a blessed day! :)


Rudy said...

Oh ye of little faith! But dont we all fall under that have no faith..By the way love your blog you need to write more about your Husband....

Jim said...

Glenda. I'm happy to hear about Chad. (Praise God for Holly!) I'm sorry to hear that things aren't going so well for your mom. I will keep them both in prayer.
My son, Chris, isn't doing very well in jail. He keeps getting himself in mess after mess. I'm afraid he will never get out. Pray that the Lord opens his eyes to see what his attitude is doing to him.
I love hearing about your entire family, but you COULD mention Rudy more often. hahaha
By His Grace,

Carol said...

My thoughts on this:

Faith is the gift of God. If we have a little or a lot, it is up to God. We can’t muster it up within ourselves. Sometimes God sends (what we consider) bad things in our lives. If we belong to him, we can rest assured though that they ARE for our good. To me, believing or not believing that our prayers will be answered in a certain way is not a measure of faith. We do not know what is best, only God does, so while we can certainly ask God for what we think is best, mustn’t we, as believers, succeed that with: ‘but your will be done,’ and rest in the fact that, ~~WHATEVER happens IS his will and for our good. Even if you could have mustered up more faith, how would you have known which direction to go with that faith, because you or I don’t know what is ultimately for our good.

Thanks for the update!

Love ya.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Carol, What you've said makes alot of sense. I think what I was trying to say is that I know that the Lord is in control and more or less "Lord , help me to accept the things I cannot change". But the human side of me wants Chad to be content and so I pray, knowing that "God's will WILL! Still I pray: Phl 4:6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
Thanks for your comment!
You too Jim, good to hear from you. Sorry about Chris, Just keep praying for him and loving him!

Carol said...

But how do you know what to pray for? How do you know that your prayer for comfort/contentedness for the short run is not at the expense of comfort/contentedness for the long run --or even eternity? People are always asking for prayer in certain situations, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I often wonder what should I pray for them exactly, because I tell them I will pray and do want to pray for them, –and the bible tells us to pray for others. If they are sick, should I pray they get better, if lonely, should I pray they find a friend, if in a bad financial situation, pray they get that resolved? How do I know MY prayer requests are what is best for them? Perhaps they need to be in a bad state for a time in order to realize some things. (I know that’s the only way I learn things sometimes, and I hate that).

I think about this a lot and struggle with it some. I have begun to just pray for mercy and salvation of their souls, and only if that is God’s will and will bring HIM glory. Afterall, it may not be his will to save them. They may not even be one of his.

I think of Adam and how much I wanted him to be healed. I remember praying one night for like two hours (and checking the clock regularly to make sure I was praying a LONG time). Talk about working to gain favor from God. Ridiculous! Anyway, it was not God’s will to heal Adam, and God knows best. I don’t even know today where Adam is spending eternity. That is a hard pill to swallow, and I struggle with it sometimes. But I do know that God is in control and he knows best. I have to believe that, and rest in it, or I would drive myself crazy. I’m sure the experience I went thru with Adam and his sickness and death has greatly influenced my thinking on all this, so maybe there’s something I’m not considering here.

What is your opinion on praying for others? The bible tells us to, but WHAT are we to pray for?