Thursday, July 27, 2006

birthday weekend!

Friday the 28th is the day I gave birth to 2 of my kids. Matthew will be 25, and Whitney will be 13 ! Where has time gone? My ex- Father -in-law usta say...Time waits for no man, I mean he use to say it alot We'd all be in conversation about something or another and he'd say "Time waits for no man". We'd all laugh and silently wish he'd hush, But I think now I'm kinda understanding what he was saying...Do what you've got to do (or say) today cause you may not have tomorrow, cause time is MARCHING on!! Anyway , back to birthdays.
My Matti cake is gonna be 25...o my goodness. He's starting Nursing school at U.T. in a few days. It seems like yesterday, such a sweet boy.And then for his 12th birthday he got a baby sister,
My ninya badinya is gonna be a teenager...No No NO , I dont want them to grow up, specially Ninya Shes my baby. She's gonna be a big 7th grader! 13 years ago, no way! Wow!
Then Sunday, Rudy will be 41. I really want him to grow older, cause he's so much younger than me, but for some reason it's not working... Happy birthday Sweetheart!
I probly won't blog this weekend cause I'll be buried in birthday cake, ya'll have a blessed day. I'll post pics later.
pray for Chad

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Carol said...

Wish everybody a Happy Birthday for me. Hope you all have a great weekend. Are you making 3 cakes or just one?